Saturday, November 28, 2009

OH I love my camera

These were taken yesterday. We went to the park with Nate's family.
So the exciting thing is that I figured out how to add textures.
All you do is take a picture of a texture you like and lay it over a picture and decrease the opacity.
I did lots of other actions too, but it could get boring. Thought these turned out fun.

Oh my goodness, That is a cute boy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I have been reading in my book and there was a section about a cool technique, tracking a moving object. The camera shutter can’t be any faster than 1/60. You can see the pavement flying by. Pretty cool.

I have also been playing with editing. Finally finding my burn tool, quickly become a fave, I took this picture.

F1.8 and 1/4000. Thank heaven it was a cloudy day.

I adjusted the light and burned the edges.

Looks pretty cool man.

Burton gets sick of me taking the pics all the time. Just shows to go ya, anyone can take pictures. It has to be the camera. Good job B.

All about GG

We had a family reunion this last weekend. Thanksgiving is out of control with the kids. And we decided like many otherbig families to do a

big party before the event and

go our own Way on Tday.

We did skits for GG and sang her happy birthday. OUr skit was about when their house burned down in Casa Grande when my mom was a kid. So we all had parts. The play was masterfully written by Alli.

Then we went to the park the next day and it was the

most perfect weather.

My perfect day.

Saturday night we had a party at Aunt Lynn and Uncle Phil's, Adult party.... What a concept. Yay. No kids. It was so nice to relax and visit. We will have to do that more often. Thanks everybody for coming. Amanda consulted with Bobby about her electricity problems at her new house.
She seemed confident that she can do it.

Sharm and Noah

Smoked meat and good conversation=

complete success

So I had an idea to get pictures of each of the boys. What Style? What colors? It took me a couple of weeks, hey I am just starting out. And I am still not in love with Emmett's, but here they are. I love them.
OH and I love the kids too!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Burton's Legos

To say that he is obsessed with legos is an understatement.
He is just fascinated by them. Sits and looks and plays with them for hours.
He can play with them in peace when the other boys are at school. When they get home it usually involves tears.
Looks happy here. That is how I like to remember it.
I got a fairly good shot of each of the boys and put up my own photos on the wall. I think they look pretty good.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

Our Neighborhood had a party at the park. Bouncer, pizza Where is the candy?... my kids kept asking me.
Burton doesn't like me taking pictures of him. Especially when he is busy. So I have to get them when I can.
On the other hand.... Wesley is always ready with a smile.
They are just so fun.
Yes I had my hands full as usual.
My little pig. People accused me of dressing him in pink to get the girl effect. I really didn't. I just couldn't find the bat costume.

Love this one of Nate and Tyler. Like Father like Son.