Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New pictures of baby Emmett

He is getting so big. I think he is 12 pounds now. It is time to sleep through the night. Yay.
What a little doll. We love him so much.Also Featured in this post is my soy bean plants. I love watching them grow every day. Can't wait to eat some Edamame.

Irrigation at the Buyacks

Addy, Alden, and Alana Buyack played with the boys too. They found a frog and bout shook it to death. I don't think it lasted long. Oscar finally tried to set it free by hiding it from the other kids.

Sometimes the water comes at a good time, like Saturday morning. Yay. Other times it comes during church, and I get abandoned with 6 boys. J/K Nathan.
Brett Buyack is featured in this blog, as the biggest redneck. Although Nathan actually ended up with a Redneck.

Skimboards in the water.

Samantha's birthday

24 kids, Sam was the oldest. 12 adults. It was our Hawker girls families, Watsons, and Dandy Wright's family. And of course all the Livingstones you can handle.

This was so funny. Lindsey told all the kids to cover their mouths. So they wouldn't blow before Sam could get at it.

Isn't that sweet. Leah is just a doll.Wyatt and SpraugeWe thought this was a good idea. These four boys were born all with in a month of one another. Wyatt-- Feb 29th, Ellis-- Middle of March, Peter--March, and Jonah Wright-- Feb 18th
I tried to get a pic of Wyatt and Peter. I couldn't get them to stand next to each other. It was not easy.
GG can hold a grandkid for about 10 seconds, then they start sliding off her lap and she starts laughing and asking for someone to grab 'em
We are so proud of our Sammo. She is so grown up. She is in 7th grade now. We love you Sam.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting some culture

We made the boys go with us to a concert. Yes made. It was a little difficult. They were skeptical. It was a group that travels and performs. The leaders of the group used to be BYU Dancers and Singers. So they do a pretty good job. The boys watched for about a half an hour. Then things started to fall apart for the boys. So we left early. I am pleased that they lasted that long. I think they enjoyed it. And we didn't make them sit and listen. I hope that next time they will want to go again.