Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Party at the Hatch's.

Santana, Cruz, Diego, Wesley, Burton, Oscar, Tyler, Ella, Marin and Jolie on the ground.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Camping with Dad

The Fathers and Sons, time honored tradition happened this last weekend. Nathan was extremely brave and took the oldest 4 boys. I am so proud of him. They did great and had a wonderful time.
Our next door neighbors Pat Abeita and his son Joseph went also and that is the reason I have pictures to show you. Thanks Pat!

I figure Nathan will be taking 4 next year and maybe in 2011 he will take Y. By then the boys will be so old. Ty will be 11, Oc 10, Wes 8, Burton 6, and Y 3. That is crazy. They are such fun boys. We are enjoying them so much. Every moment is special.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brighton Holiday

We went down to Brighton on Thursday to stay the night. I wanted to go there because, characters in my books go there for holiday. So I had to check it out.
We walked alon the water and there was a Pier with a carnival at the end. We didn't go over to it. We wanted to see the town. But there it is.
It was by far the coziest room we had. The Royal York Hotel. The staff was very good to us and the room was great.
While walking around we found that we were hungry before dinner. So we popped into a place called Nandos for a morsel of something. The hot chocolate was so so so good.
This was the mural art that we found on one of the streets. We thought it was pretty awesome.

We were walking past this theater and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers was playing, so we got tics and went to the show. It was really fun. The lead was obviously Irish or Scottish, the western accent was a little off. But it was good. The theater was 200 years old.

Funny story about this dress. I got a really pretty top for my sister Amanda but I wanted to pretend that this was the top I got her. So I sent her the picture and told her that I got this for her. "It could be your new 1st date outfit" I said. She was a little worried but was trying to put on a brave face. Then I told her I was kidding. I don't know, it would get some attention. I should have got it for her.
One of the streets in Brighton. Makes me think of my characters there on holiday. Staying near the shore for their health.