Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

The boys call it Daddy in the bed. (Breakfast in bed) I hate to correct those funny sayings. It is pretty cute. Look at all those darling boys. Nate is a great dad and we are so glad he is ours.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Early Morning Date with a sunrise

Yes I made it. I had a little help. My parents needed a ride to the airport, otherwise. I would have been unconscious. Super happy that I got to spend a little early morning time with my parents, and the added bonus of making it to Tempe Town Lake before sunrise.

Only regret is there weren't any clouds. That makes a big difference. Well to me it does. So once again these are taken with HDR. This means that there are 3 pictures combined together with a program.Photomatix So an over exposed, Under and correct exposure. The program can combine the best parts of the pictures.
100 ISO f/29 and of course 3 different shutter speeds. I love how still the water is. Seriously exciting stuff.

ok This was cool because I thought that the original shot was better than the HDR. Less saturation is better sometimes.
Original on top and HDR on the bottom.
How cool is that.? Look at the difference. HDR is pretty big right now with landscape photography. I see it everywhere.