Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Goats Awe...

Our friends, the Sones have a goat and in May she had 3 baby goats.  This first picture is about 2-3 hours after they were born.  So so sweet.  
The goats were actually pretty hot and tired from all the excitement of the day and needed as much milk as possible so the mother had to be milked quickly and get it into the kids with a bottle.  3 babies!!!
My babies loved seeing the baby goats.  Such an amazing thing to witness new life.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11th Gilbert AZ Temple

Here are the pictures from yesterday.  It was an exciting day.  I got wind that there was some pieces of stone available for people to have a souvenir of the temple stone.  I tried to tell everyone I know. Ha.  IT is really pretty, pictured at the bottom.  I don't know how the panel got broken.  They say it happens in shipping.  Even is there is a little damage they can't use it.  They have very high standards for all the workmanship.  
The below picture is of the south side of the temple, or the back.
This is the north west corner.  
Close up of the steeple.  did you notice the smudge on all of my pictures.  I think that a kid drew on my lens with something.  It rubbed off.  But now I know, wipe my lens before I shoot.  Rookie mistake.  Ha
Any way.  The angel Moroni will be 13 feet tall.  What an exciting day it will be to see him up there watching over us.
This is the north side also.  
It is really too bad these pictures are so different from the ones in the beginning. I will have to re-edit the earlier pictures.  
Here is the stone.  It is so pretty.  It seems there is alot of quartz in it. That makes the temple walls shimmer.  
Ok.  A friend of mine asked me what I was going to do with the stones.  And so I have come up with a solution that is not original but I am excited non the less.  Shadow box.  I will print one of the  construction pictures and put it in 7 boxes.  One for every boy and one for Nate and I.  We can share.  Then it isn't lying about breaking into ever more smaller pieces with handling.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 5th Gilbert Temple

The out side of the temple will be finished in May, yes, next month.  Well at least, that is the schedule.  But don't expect the big opening any time soon.  It will take another 18 months for the temple to open.  They do the inside next.  Starting from the top floor down.  So I don't know if that means that they can't do any work on the bottom floor or basement while they are working on the top floor.  Does anyone know?  The manager of the project said that they do this so the finished floor doesn't get dirty by going over it with workers and equipment. Anyway.  I think it is fascinating. 
Front/ North side.
Front /North side just more from the west angle.  Just realized that my sun is a bit inconsistent.  Ha.  Oh well.  Forgot to add the sun flare to the other image.  Makes a big difference don't you think.  I got the actions from NicoleV.  They are fantastic. 

March 24th

This day, there wasn't much changed so I just wanted to get a close up of the steeple structure.  There are men working inside of there, securing the panels to the frame.  They are harnessed to wires and it looks dizzying.  

March 19th Gilbert Temple

This is a wide angle view from the back or south side.  There is a small low building on the far right of the frame.  Some one told me it is the utility building for the grounds.  It has the same finish as the temple.  
West side from the street.
View from the front/north side.  
Close up of the south side.  You can see the stairs and the inside walls.  The thick concrete structures are the elevators.  
The Gilbert temple will be 85,000 finished square feet.  The Mesa Temple is 113,916 square feet.  There will be 3 presentation rooms that will hold 90 people each.  There will be 7 sealing rooms, 2 of which seat 90 people and 10-12 in the other 5. 
The basement has the baptismal font
1st floor is the temple presidents office, admin offices and locker rooms.
2nd floor is the presentation rooms and the celestial room
3rd floor is the sealing rooms.  

March 7th

There wasn't much change to the temple on this day.  But I liked this picture of the trucks lined up and waiting to bring over the pieces of the temple. From what I under stand, ( I got this info from a meeting our stake had with the manager of the project.) The exterior is made of 750 precast panels. The molds are made in Utah.  The models are made on a computer and then wood carvings are cut.  I think it is with a laser.  I didn't write that down.  Then they make rubber casts from the wood and send that to Texas, where they then make the concrete sections.  They are shipped sometimes 2 at a time from Texas.  Depending on the size of course.  
 I have all my notes from the meeting. I will have more info in the next post. 

Gilbert Temple Feb 21st and the 28th

Feb 21st the East side
Feb 21st the North/Front
Feb 28th, moving right along.  I love it how there is so much change everyday.  That is why I need to get over there every week.  Or if the clouds are playful. 

West side
South side
This one looks really cartoonish.  Oh well.  I really like how HDR lets you see right inside the building.  

Gilbert Temple Feb 14th

Ok.  Catch up time.  Here are the pictures from February.  This is on the 14th.  The day after the first pictures in the last post.  The sky was so beautiful the next day, I just had to go out and do it again.  I am a sucker for the clouds.  This is the south exposure.  The trailer for the visitors is right behind me. 
This is from the street on the North west side.  I might not have this shot again.  At the time the street was blocked off and I could pull aside to get this angle.  
This is the front or north side of the Temple.  
This is from the west side of the building.  
I made this pano, well because I love Panos.  The sky was just so amazing.  
There are many more to come.  You won't have to wait long for the next post.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter 2012

Why do kids get candy and toys on Easter.?  I can't remember,  But it is fun.  So they do.  I love Easter.  It is the best holiday because it celebrates the most important event in human history.  Our Savior's resurrection.  When ever I think of Easter I think of all the heavens and earth rejoicing and celebrating Christ's accomplishment, that which countless prophets foretold so many had waited and counted on happening.  Everyone who has, is or will be on the earth waited for this all important event.  I can only imagine the relief and joy we all felt. There is a way.  We can return to live with our Heavenly Father again.  Thanks to Jesus Christ and his eternal sacrifice.  
And now I can be with my family forever.  I LOVE my family so much.  We had a wonderful Easter.  So fun to have the Easter Bunny come to our house. 
Silly String is so..... Silly

And Candy is so.... Sweet.  
Can you open this for me mom? 

Easter eggs

That's for Tyler Mac Shields

Happy Easter