Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 Spooky stuff

The Halloween Crew.  Knockin on doors and gettin some candy.
We headed to the Stratford for some Halloween fun with the senior citizens.  Everybody is happy.  
Ok.  You will never guess what Wesley is...  Well he had the idea for us to be Snow White and the 7 dwarf Zombies.  He was committed, all the other brothers, were not.  So here he is the lone Zombie.  I was wearing the Snow White costume.  Not pictured.  
Eating as he goes.
The superheros
2 floors of trick o treating.

And below are 2 of some of the birthday kids.  We also have Philip and Jujo born on November 1st.  
Lots of fun with the Livingstones.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oscar's Arrow Of Light

2 for 2 so far.  Tyler and Oscar have their Arrow of Light awards.  They work hard for these.  Well the leaders work hard too.  I hear that the kids work harder as they get older.  The balance shifts.
Building the bridge to scouting. 
I look very imperial.  This is because I photograph really badly.  I always end up with a weird look or my big horse teeth sticking out.  Ha.
This is where he dropped the back of the pin.  Then, while I bent down to find it and get the dang pin on my shirt, he got his reward handed to him and I missed it.  Oh well.  This is why I need a designated 2nd shooter that things like this. 
Yes I got it!!
And yes that is lady liberty behind him.  
Congratulations Oscar.  On his way to Scouts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Break Get Away

My Men, Ah such a delight.  We had a great time in Pinetop, AZ.  Nate took the boys fishing 3 times and they didn't catch anything, but ask them what their favorite part of the vacation was, Fishing! ........ Boys!
We found a little play ground next to a big open baseball field and the day was delicious, overcast and cool.   

I laid down in the grass and the boys were jumping over me.  It was so fun.  I didn't even get trampled.  
He's bigger than he looks.  
This one isn't.  He's still little and we love him dearly.  I water marked this one, playing with ideas for when I do a little photography biz.  This isn't happening any time soon.  In a couple years.  I am concentrating my efforts on the home front.  These boys are growing so so fast. 

OUr BMW.  Ha.  She looks good in HDR.

What a beautiful scene.  It was misting a little and there are water droplets on the lens.

These last images were taken with my iPhone.  It just amazes me that phones can do with pictures.  
There was thunder and Emmett didn't like it one bit and he told it off.  There might have been baby cuss words.  It was hilarious.

TruHDR is the app and this is what it can do.  Love these images.  What a gorgeous sky.
We rented this house from some one on VRBO.  Check it out.  We have rented in Montreal, Canada and Newport Beach twice, Utah, Flagstaff.  All great experiences.  This cabin had a hot tub and it was so nice to have a soak after a long day of vacation.  

Side note, this was the first time that I planned out every meal and stuck to it more or less.  It was nice to know what we were eating.  It is a new thing with me to plan the meals ahead.  I am liking it alot.