Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Grateful for Family

May 5, 2014
Today I am so grateful for my family. I have witnessed so many wonderful things today. Anyone else would think it was a very ordinary day and not very exciting. After all I didn't go to Europe or New York or seaside and witness some beautiful things in the ocean. No nothing exciting like that. I'll tell you what. The joy in my life is our new baby girl. But the pure joy in my life is watching the big boys with her. All of the boys are great with her but there's something about watching these teenage boys baby talk to a one-year-old. It is magical. I love love watching them play with her and love her and look at me and wonder at how amazing she is. I can't believe how vital she is to our family. Daphne turned one this weekend and she is so much fun and so beautiful and so amazing and she has such a sweet spirit and a great personality. She is getting a little bit demanding but I'm sure that she will grow out of it. Ha ha. 
Allison did amazing thing this weekend. She put together a present for my mom and for Arnon. Her mother in law. She made a shadowbox with a bunch of butterflies inside of it. Each one represented a member of the family. So there's lots and lots of butterflies showing all the grandchildren. The mothers were looking at it and cooing and loving it. I finally got a chance to look at it and I noticed that there was a next or butterfly and Alison's row. No name. I looked at her and I was stunned. I knew she wanted to have another one but I didn't realize that she was already pregnant. She nodded and was crying a little bit. Everybody else caught on very quickly and figured out what was going on. It was quite a show. It was a very creative and fun way to announce the baby. I looked over at Terry as he was looking at the shadowbox and figured it out on his own and the look on his face was absolutely so amazing. Talk about pure joy.!!! He was just dumbfounded. And he was crying and so excited. It was so awesome to witness it. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Smash cake

For Daphne's first birthday we did her smash cake pictures on our empty lot. Amanda and mom were there to happily help little Daphne get ready for her shoot. Like most when-year-old babies she was pretty mystified by the cake in front of her. But she quickly got to it. Daphne is now walking pretty well. Today is May 19th. So couple weeks after her first birthday and she is walking around like a champ.
Here are Jessica's Final images.  They turned out so beautiful.