Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tyler's Birthday Party

Oh boy we had a great day.  Tyler's birthday party.  His birthday is actually Sunday.  But we partied today. 
Start off by swimming in the pool.  It was the perfect swimming day. 
Oscar and his twin JT take their time getting into the party mood.  First they have a meeting of the minds. 
Talk about pokemon
Talk about Paper Mario
Any other video games
(The knowledge is vast)

That table cloth is funny papers.  Notice they sat at this table instead of the one that had the decorated table.  KIDS! 
We decided to start a fun family tradition.  10th birthday and 10th birthday only.  The kid gets 10 presents.  There were about 3 legit presents, the rest were; his favorite cereal, gum, candy, poppers. ect...
My kids don't get the opportunity to get hooked on sugar cereals.  So it is Life cereal.
Lots of helpers.  
Finally they started to feel the day.  Time for bed.  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Camping on Fathers Day

After church we headed up to Strawberry.  We camped near where Nathan took the boys for father and sons.  One night.
I wish we could have done 2 nights but the kids are pretty young and I am pretty pregnant and 2 hours of sleep makes you pretty anxious for your bed. 
I slept in the Yukon with Y and he was not a good bedfellow.
Nathan took the boys on a walk.  Y and I tried to follow but we are both out of shape.  He is a small shape and I am a big shape. 
37 weeks.  Good thing we went that weekend, now I am feeling pretty heavy and not up for camping.

Our Sweet Wesley and his lobster thing. ?
The boys are getting so big. 

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day daddy.
The boys all made cards for daddy.
We love love love our daddy and hope he had a great day.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Y swims, Wes Last Day of Kinder.

Nate relaxing by the pool. Looks real comfy.
Big smile boy. He had so much fun. He thought he was real big because he could get in and out by him self.

He even decided to blow bubbles all on his own.

Mrs Douglas was the best. Wesley loved her this year. Hopefully Burton can get her in a year.

Here we are at the final concert. It was wonderful. I am about 34 weeks in this pic. Not much longer.

The video is Wesley's performance. He has big dreams. What a wonderful kid.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


*Poor Tyler he was sick today.  Slept on the couch for about 5 hours this morning.  Didn't have much energy.  Threatened to throw up all morning.  Didn't get around to it.  
*Got the striping taken off our new Yukon.  It came with some odd strips on the sides.  I had a friend tell me it looks like a computer nerd owns it.  Which isn't far off the mark.  (if you know me).  Last week we bought it and I had an audio guy come and install 3 screens and 6 head sets. I love it.  
*Trying to figure out how to have video games in the house with out the screaming.  Right now there are no video games.  I am still thinking about it.  
*Our little Y is so much fun.  He loves books and is always bringing me a book to read to him.  There is a Nativity book that he loves.  I sing a different Christmas song for every page.  He sings along.  So fun.  
*Love my boys, all of them.  Especially the biggest one.  Nathan is well, wonderful.