Wednesday, September 29, 2010

à Montréal pour voir mes parents

This is my parents 3rd mission. 1st was Japan, then Kiribati (island near Fiji) and now Montreal. Serving in the Chinese Branch and helping with the missionaries. Interesting places and they are wonderful missionaries. We are so so proud of them and grateful for their faithful service and example to our young boys.
Of course I took every opportunity to take some pictures. This is the view from their balcony in Cote St. Luc. Kind of a residential area but there are some landmarks in the distance. It is on the 16th floor so it is really nice and expansive. I was able with LOTS of help from photoshop to get the 12 pictures stitched together. 180 degrees is a problem because of the angles and distortion. But I really like the results. It was a cloudy, foggy day unfortunatly.
This is us waiting for the plane. It was the first time on an Aero Plane for the boys. They loved it. Oh I love the window seat. But so did the boys. So Tyler snapped this one for me. The clouds are so amazing. I just wish there were more here in AZ
Once we got to Burlington, which was no small feat. Running through Detroit airport to make the next flight. Running is not my strong suit. But we made it.
We traveled down to Sharon Vermont, since we were so close. To Joseph Smith's birthplace. Wow. What a beautiful place to live. Here is the memorial.
This pic is funny. I took 2 different images. One with Ox sharp and one with the leaves sharp. Then I masked them together. Kind of cool.
This is the boys looking at one of the Mack houses. Seriously. It was a bunch of big rocks. I didn't get a picture because there was not much to see. A hole and big foundation stones all cattywhampus. Ok I found a pic online if you want to see what I am talking about.
I am training up the boys to be photographers. Tyler and Oscar are both doing great. I didn't even have to crop this one. Good job T.
So on we went to Montreal. It is only 2 HOURS away. We drove because I wanted to see the sites and the landscape. Really cool. And it turned out to be cheaper. AND we got to drive a little Altima. Kind of a novelty in our house.
Montreal. Super cool place. Loved all the old buildings.
Here we are out side this super duper restaurant in Montreal. It was tres Bon. OH ya, Everyone speaks French. Wow. My one semester of french in college was not up to it. But is was fun to try it out.
My Aunt Kitty and Uncle Bob (AKUB) were there at the same time and we got to hang with them. It was really fun. Love them. Got this really sweet image of them in a pretty park.
Mother and Kitty
The Olympics were held in Montreal in 1976. So we went by the campus. Is that what it is called? Olympic Park? Ya i think that is it. This was the pool area. Really cool. The building was Weird. I didn't really like the architecture. Alien Ship more like it.
Dragon Beard. Mom was really excited about this. It is spun sugar and nuts inside. Funny candy. Once you bit it off you are supposed to let it hang out of your mouth, like dad. Hence the beard reference. These pictures were taken out on the street in China town. It was dark out side. But they turned out ok.
We actually went to China Town several times. It was really cool. Great shops and restaurants. My mom actually shops regularly at the Marche Chinois (Chinese Market) all the time.
Case in point.
Awe. Tyler took this one for us. Finally one where I am not making a weird face. I am finding that I am not very photogenic.

These trees were amazing and the log art. Ha. Pretty cool place.

SUBWAYS- I love em. I know some people may think that I am weird. But I LOVE em.
Boys had a good time too.
Just in case

OH I love this one. In the Marche Jean Talon Beautiful fruit and veggies everywhere.
I have so many more pictures. Maybe I will post more. But I worry about boring you all. I will make a book for us to keep at home. Anyway. We really enjoyed our trip. Thanks mom and dad again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Burton's Art Work and Canvas

OH Burton. What did you do? This was in the car, while I was driving. Stinker. I said "What the heck are you doing?" "He wanted me to do it mom." Ya He is practicing his hand writing any chance he gets. Window sills, paper, faces...
It all washed off easy.
YY fills up the cup and dumps it on Emmett's head as many times as he can before I get him out.
Little screamer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lake Powell Trip

Our annual Lake Powell trip was especially special to me this year because I got to practice photography a bunch. Loved it. Did little else. SOme people think that I missed out. No wake boarding, no volleyball. But I got great shots of other people doing it. It just didn't interest me. I am a big nerd and this trip proves it. But I got lots of fun beautiful shots. And I am HAPPY. IT was a great vacation.
This one of Nate was awesome because I didn't even know that I got the canyon behind him til I looked at it on the computer. Sweet. And he looks tough.

The group. We had 10 couples and 5 single guys. Fantastic people ALL.
I am a bit horrified at this picture. I really didn't know how awful my outfit was. OOps. Oh well. Here we are playing Speak Piggie Speak. It is hilarious. Great fun.

Check out our back yard. So cool. Got to take pictures of the groups jumping.
Sweet Grab Nate!
Scream! this was so fun. I love love night time photography. It was so so dark. No moon. I love these images.

He's a pirate.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So Excited

I ordered my first gallery wrap. This image was done with HDR High Density Range Photography Technique. 9 pictures blended together. The gallery wrap is going to be 12x 40 inches. and Metallic print. I am just giddy.
This picture was taken at Lake powell. On the top of the boat. Nate and I slept up top this year and it was so beautiful. One morning I woke up and this is what I saw. THis Exactly. I can finally take a picture of what I see!!. If I had taken just one picture it would have been dark sky, but also dark mountains. Or Light sky and light mountains. Hence the 9 shots. It's called AEB bracketing. SLR's can do it. you just have to hold still for each of the 3 shots. Oh and have the program to process the photos, and photoshop.... Ya that's alot but check it out. Scream!