Friday, September 17, 2010

Lake Powell Trip

Our annual Lake Powell trip was especially special to me this year because I got to practice photography a bunch. Loved it. Did little else. SOme people think that I missed out. No wake boarding, no volleyball. But I got great shots of other people doing it. It just didn't interest me. I am a big nerd and this trip proves it. But I got lots of fun beautiful shots. And I am HAPPY. IT was a great vacation.
This one of Nate was awesome because I didn't even know that I got the canyon behind him til I looked at it on the computer. Sweet. And he looks tough.

The group. We had 10 couples and 5 single guys. Fantastic people ALL.
I am a bit horrified at this picture. I really didn't know how awful my outfit was. OOps. Oh well. Here we are playing Speak Piggie Speak. It is hilarious. Great fun.

Check out our back yard. So cool. Got to take pictures of the groups jumping.
Sweet Grab Nate!
Scream! this was so fun. I love love night time photography. It was so so dark. No moon. I love these images.

He's a pirate.


Alli said...

Lake Powel was AWESOME!! I am so glad we went and met so many cool new friends. You should be so excited with all the photos you got. They turned out great! I loved the animal game, even if it totally took me out of my comfort zone :). Thanks again for all the fun pictures!

megan said...

sweet pics...the sunglasses with the mountains was my fave...and the football and the wake jump :) THEN the swimsuit where you were glowing...literally! beautiful :) and the night images were awesome as always :)

Alli said...

I like those pictures of my brother Nate. He is cool looking. Good job Whitty.

Bon said...

love the pics whit! looks like you had a great time. any single guys for me? ;)