Friday, December 24, 2010

Bokeh Fun

I like MCP actions on Facebook and they have some pretty cool blog posts. This one about Bokeh, I have been meaning to try since I read it. I was shooting pictures of my tree and decided today was the day. Oh my gosh, the endless possibilities. I just did a star shape and a heart. But you gots to try it. You need your slr camera and paper.
Here is the out of focus picture before...
And After... (these are all sooc= Straight out of Camera shots) Not time to edit.
MCP lady attached the paper to the lens. I just held it. I also needed to take the paper away to focus. I have my camera on back button focus so it locks and it doesn't change when I press the shutter release. I shot in Av or Aperture priority mode. Just set it to 1.8 on my 50 mm lens.

Love these cookie ornaments. Have one for everyone.

Oh. I love this the stars leading away on the right are beads. Not lights. Well they are reflecting light.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas lights/ Night photography

Karen and I went out to do some night photography. Practice. We went armed with Tripod, stool, boxes for supporting the cameras.
Frosty here was shot at 3200 iso f/2.8 for 1/200 sec. Hand held. Added a seventies finish to it. And a stary texture to the background.
Oh I love this one. This tree was so cool being under lit by these hanging globes.
100 iso f/18 for 15 sec. Have to mount this one on a tripod. Ok here is the great thing about closing down the aperture. This takes the light longer to get in. And the iso is as low as possible. So look at the individual lights. This is how you get the starburst effect with lights. I have a couple of sunsets that have the sunburst look to them because the iso is low and the exposure is long, and the aperture is small.

See all the detail because it is such a low iso. Lots of time to get the information into the camera. This just fascinates me.
iso 100 f/2.8 for 1/2 sec. hand held
For the editing. I played with it plenty. I took out the red glow off the ground. It was a bit over whelming. Also brightened the exposure around the lights. Then sharpened the front light.
This last one was hand held also 3200 iso f/2.8 for 1/125 sec. Just sharpened the front of the present. So get out there. SLR cameras on manual. YOu can do it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

New favorite

Pied Piper Photography
Looks like several of my friends know about this gal already. Pretty talented photographer. I am a new and big fan.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Burton's Birthday 6

We had a friend party for our little B. This picture shows the pure joy of a 6 year old and a can of silly string.
We had lots of friends and fun. Burton is a sweet kid. Little intense. Burton Loves video games and we as responsible parents try to keep it to a minimum. Recently I told him that I talked to the Dr about his video gaming, and the Dr said that "He can't play more than an hour at a time or it will make him stupid." And he actually bought it. And Wesley. Hey, I'm not lying. I really do think it would make him stupid but, I didn't actually talk to the Dr. So funny how it sounds more official and believable coming from Him/Her. I will have to play that card sparingly.
Pizza on a trampoline. Fun fun fun.
His wonderful friends brought great presents and presence. Ha. Really fun kids.
I made the cake. I am sad to say. It is supposed to be car parts that shape up to be a car. Like fenders and wheels and stuff like that. Burton liked it.
We had a family party with just us and the boys. Love being with these boys. It isn't a quiet life.

I like these 2 pictures with the change of the focus. Look at that face. Fire!

Happy Birthday Burton

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nate's 40th Birthday

Friday Morning is when the fun started. Our wonderful office staff decorated for Nate and surprised him with pictures of him self on the wall as a baby. Awe.
I wanted to make an effort too. (I am usually asleep before Nathan leaves in the morning so I had to come up with some lame excuse about going to the store early before the kids left for school) So as soon as he left the house. I started yelling "go go go! get in the car come one party at dads office" Kids had no idea. I didn't trust em to keep the secret. So they were bewildered and a little unnerved I think. We were out the door in 2 minutes. Record time. We showed up after the surprise but it was still fun. They sang to him.The rest of the birthday was creative i guess you could call it. Amanda called it "weird". Maybe you would too. But let me explain. I wanted to have a party. Do I have it at a restaurant? Ick. Can't talk to any one unless they are at your table. At a hotel? Um that would have to be a big hotel room. Our house? that would mean I would have to clean it. And I wanted to get away. So I rented a house in Gilbert through 2 nights in a nice clean house close to our house in case I was needed at home. So Friday night we went out with friends and then got to sleep in a silent house, all to our selves. Nice change. Then Nate got up in the morning to golf with some buds. Came back to the house and took a nap. Awesome. Then we went shopping. And got ready for the party. Thai food and pool. Great friends.

Thanks Sarah, for bringing the birthday hat. Nice touch.

This one of Ryan is hilarious. Love it Ryan. Give it all you've got. Take no prisoners.

He said that it was a great birthday. Nathan is my best friend. I'm so grateful for him and his wonderful example. I am so glad he's mine. Love you babe.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oscar's Birthday

Oscar is 10. What? Pretty fun watching these guys grow up. So I wanted to have a party for his friends and I really wanted to avoid Pizza/Jump joints. I googled what to do for 10 yo birthday party. Video game party. Bingo. I know you can rent the trucks with the games inside. But Im cheap. So I borrowed. Thank you to the Webster, Buyack, Richardson, Livingstone, and Peralta families. 5 Gaming stations and 11 boys. So much fun. Sure there was the occasional glitch and they needed some tech support, but on the whole. Big success. I recommend.
We had 3 wii consoles, PS3, and an xbox360. Lots of games and licorice and lemonade and pizza. A night of Excess.

We had a family party on a different night. Planning parties gets complicated the older they get. So yes 2 parties.
I think I need to try harder on the cake for the next kid. I am just seeing how long Oscar will let me get away with Halloween deco. Birthday is Nov 1st.
Happy Birthday My Boy. Oscar is a smart, wonderful kid and we love having him in our family. Keeps us on our toes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Chasing the Garbage Truck

YY loves the garbage truck. We missed it on our street so we hopped on the bike and took off looking for it in the neighborhood. We looked and looked and just as we were going to give up, (well I was going to give up) we found it! In the Wiser, Schlerf neighborhood. So we followed it for 3 streets. Oooos and Aahhhs from the back seat. Mitt likes it too. On the last street we ended up being down wind. Well that's it for me. Yuck. But man it was a beautiful day nice ride and YY got his garbage truck fill for today. He is a one-track-mind kind of kid.
Notice we didn't even have time for pants. Not when the garbage truck in on the move.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 1st Halloween Party

Getting ready for the party means that all past costumes get pulled out and tried on. Emmett really wanted to be the dog. 16 months and he knows what he wants. Cute cute.
Ok so the makeup jobs are pretty awful. Getting 5 zombies ready for the party was fun but I am not good with the makeup. Oh well. Thank heaven they are supposed to look messed up. Brains for dinner. That's how you get that look.
I made all these zombie costumes. Took me about 20 minutes. Only YY and Wes ended up wearing them. They are not comfortable as you can imagine.
Emmett's 3rd costume. Little bat.
Here is the sunset at the Trunk or Treat. Wow.
The ward party was a complete success. Thanks to our primary, there was about 20 different soups and candy galore. What more can you ask for.