Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mr. Mitters

Thought I would write about little caboose. Emmett is a fun little kid. Tries to be just like his brothers. If they are screaming he wants to also. He also likes to get into the fracas if there is fighting. It is so cute to see his little brain working. YY and Mitt are good friends for the most part. YY delights in knocking him down. Not odd in 2 year olds. Emmett takes it like a man most of the time. Just gets back up.
He likes to play in these vertical blinds, those door stop things that boing when you hit em. And the stairs.
I convinced Nate to let me take these pictures. He is a little camera shy and usually tries to ruin the picture by making weird faces. He behaved today. Thank you Nate.

It is so fun to have a little baby around. He is so small and fun to pick up and hold. he is a cuddler. Darling little Emmett.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Oh my Sweet Wesley. Is that the cutest thing ever. He has been trying to get this tooth out for weeks. Finally got it out. I just love love toothless kids.