Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break San Clemente

We got to spend a week in a rental pretty close to the beach.  We use VRBO. Love it everytime.  This was no exeption.  It was an awesome apartment.  Here are the panos I took with my phone when we got there.  Yes that is a dolphin statue. And yes it scared me almost everytime I walked in because I thought it was a person.
It is a straight balcony, the pano skews the image.
The big boys slept out here in the sun room.  We need to remember this place.  Good price and plenty of room.    
View from the top.  Gorgeous.  

Just a short walk to the beach. It was a chilly day.
Nice day at the beach.  No surfing for us, a little to cold, didn't have the wet suits.
Iphone pic of me and my boyfriend.
Love this one of Ox.  He's so silly.
This picture only took about 12 shots and about 3 pictures composited together.  That's all.  Oh man Spiderman was not happy.  His problem was, he didn't like to have his back to the ocean.  He thought he was going to fall in.  Poor guy, I didn't realize this til after the pictures. 
Big Hugs

Oh Emmett was just telling the ocean where to go and what to do with it self.  It was so hilarious.  I can't even remember which is the original kid.  I must have masked in the sand also.  Can't tell. 
Walking as far away from the ocean as dad would let him.  Hilarious.  He is much better now.  We got him some swimming lessons this summer and he is right in there.  Loves it. 
We got to spend time with Nathan's cousins the Browns.  So fun they are a great family.  
We went to a park and played and I snapped away.  
Might be my most favoritest picture of the trip. 
 Pure Joy.
This was the balloon we were supposed to take a ride on.  But we missed it.  Big disappointment.  I hate it when I get things wrong.  But we did the best with what we had.  Frisbee and snacks.  
Wes is super excited about the ride.  Nice one.
Love his soft slow shutter, HDR off of the pier.  It was so so cold.  
San Clemente was a nice relaxed vacation for us.  We also got to visit with Andre and Kim and the kids.  All were pleased.  We will definitely do it again.  Here is the link if you want to check it out VRBO

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wyatt's 1st Birthday LeAp yEar!

Our Wyatt has a very special birthday. Leap Year.  Here are the facts about Leap Year

Who invented Leap Years?

The length of the solar year, however, is slightly less than 365¼ days—by about 11 minutes. To compensate for this discrepancy, the leap year is omitted three times every four hundred years.

Julius Caesar introduced Leap Years in the Roman empire over 2000 years ago, but the Julian calendar had only one rule: any year evenly divisible by 4 would be a leap year. This lead to way too many leap years, but didn't get corrected until the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar more than 1500 years later. Interesting.....  And a Super Cool Birthday for my kid

We had a fun neighborhood party at the park with all the fixins.  That's hulk juice on the table.  Tried to do a green theme.  Nailed it.  Ha
He got some fun gifts from his friends.  We live in the best neighborhood.  
Hugged by a girl ;)
Frog and lilly pad cake for Leap Year.
Of course he got some costumes and a bell for his bike.  Hence the Shock and Awe...
Thor beats up people.  So I have heard...
Bumpa will not be left out of the funWyatt is such a cute boy with sparkly eyes as you can see.  Always laughing and looking for fun.  Trying to grow up too fast because of all these brothers.  He loves his school with Miss Stacy and can't wait for Kindergarten next year. 
I asked him who this was on the computer and he said "Me Thor" 
Happy Birthday Wyatt.  See you again in 4 years.