Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Late Mother's Day post

Mother's Day was so nice at our house this year. The boys worked hard with Nate to make me a breakfast. Wow what a breakfast. Thanks guys. Potatoes, eggs, toast, whole jar of jam. Whole stick of butter. And a whole bunch of cards and coupons and letters and poems. Loved it all. And I LOVE being a mom. It is the best.
Nathan gave me the best gift, he took pictures. Thanks Hon. They were so great. It really meant alot to me that you thought of it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tyler got published

The yearbook for the school had a contest to find art work for the cover. Tyler drew a picture. It was done entirely at school, I didn't see it until after it was chosen. I think that means that he is growing up.
The yearbooks came out today and Tyler got one for free. So fun. Great job Tyler.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Utah Trip

This was a really fun place called Gateway Discovery. The boys had a blast. 2 levels on non stop exploring and puzzling and fun. YY and Burton were quite the builders at this construction site.
Wesley could have a future in broadcasting. He was very natural. It was a hoot watching him deliver the news.
Then we were off to the Hogle Zoo. Misha and her kids, and cousin Bennett came with us.
This is the top of Snowbird in June. Snow fight in June, what a treat. Cold and windy at the top. We rode the tram, got out and played for about 15 min and got back on. Not much at the top unless you have some skis on.

Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point was the next destination. How did we do all this and why? Well we got the Utah connect passes and it had all these attractions to go and visit, so we did. So glad we got em. Thanks to groupon they were even cheaper than usual.
I love me some dinosaur displays. These are really cool. I love the mammoth hunt display.
Tyler and all the boys, were sweet to show the babies the sites.
Emmett was just amazed at the dinosaurs. It was hilarious watching the faces that he would pull.
Favorite picture of the trip. Can you believe that.? What a doll.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2011 Spring season

What a busy spring. Baseball, sure. Flag football, sure. Karate, Sure, Why not. Lets just pile it on. Yes I know it will only get busier. We did it though. Made it to almost every practice and game. The boys loved their sports and had a good time. Oscar just got his yellow belt.
Can you believe how grown up he looks. Going to be 12 next month. Ridiculous.
The boys, playing with the moon after Tyler's game. Oh. I found this wonderful computer app Stellarium it is for tracking the moon and stars. Real time. It can go forward and backwards in time fast or slow. You can chose your position on the globe and it will show you where the moon and stars are. It is really fascinating.

Some day we will time it right so it is bigger and at the horizon.