Friday, April 30, 2010

The babies and I, Me and the babies

Which is the right way to say it?
I had the time to do some pics because the older 4 boys went with dad on the Father and Sons campout.
Anyway. I went out with the babies and the light was so perfect, I couldn't resist.
I do have a hard time getting them to look at me. I think since they can't see my face behind the camera they don't look my way. Maybe I need a little toy or rattle....
Any way, Emmett is just a delightful child. Chubby and cute and lovable.
Wyatt learned how to jump on the trampoline this week. So he can play with the big boys now. Sweet kid. Although he is also trying his hand at torturing younger brothers. He likes to walk by Emmett and knock him down. Oh Brothers.!I also went a little nuts with the overlaying of textures.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Shields are HOME!

We are so happy to have the mom and dad back from
London. They were serving in the London Temple
In Surrey. They served in the visitors center and no doubt
TOUCHED many lives. We are so grateful for their willingness to serve.
Here is Emmett Glenn and Robert Glenn Shields.

It was a long trip on Monday so we let them rest on Tues. We will check on them today and see how they are recovering.
Welcome home Shields

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Practicing at Mesa Arts

I have seen some pictures at this location and wanted to check it out.
There is some really pretty picture taking places. This wall especially.
I have seen other shots here before. Great location.

So I packed up 4 boys and headed out. They loved it. Ran all over.
Every once in a while they would allow me to shoot an image.
Love the color of this wall.

It is a lot of work being a kid.

This is the first place we found. I know that I am not getting all the angles right.
I need some more time at this local.
There were 2 photographers there doing shoots.
I would love to pick the brain of some one who shoots there often.
Oh this was a great spot. The reflective wall was so interesting.
This cracked me up when I was editing. Burton is the same size as the other boys. Looks like a giant 5 yo. LOL.
Can only fit 1 person or 2 at a time. There is a window to the right.
After I took them to a shooty water thingy by the Hale theater.
I am not good at the low light picture taking yet. Needs work.
This is the only picture that I like. I took about 60 others. All junk. Oh well.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pictures from my phone

Although I don't like my blackberry very much. It does have some cool features. One is that it uploads my pictures right after I take them to my photobucket acct. That's nice. So we got some new bikes and we have been enjoying them so much. I dislike running, (Grrr) but I love riding bikes.
And yes, I am renting out my forehead for advertising for the right price.
Nathan is enjoying it too. Got him a manly bike. Dark blue. Got a great deal on Craigs. Thank heaven the babies don't mind the rides.
Oh my little Mitt. He is so good.
These aren't from my phone of course. I had to take some pretty pictures. I like the bikes.
This one is awesome. " I am walking through the field in my underwear. There is nothing wrong with me." Nate and I were on a date. So hilarious.

Emmett and Daddy. Trying a pickle for the first time. He didn't like it. His face is so funny.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Eggs.

You and I know that it isn't all about eggs, but it is sometimes hard to convince these guys.

I couldn't resist

I just love these kids. They are so good and we have been having so much fun. I just wanted to capture this time. They are growing so so fast. I get teary and overwhelmed just thinking about how much is to come. The successes and setbacks, the joy and the sadness. We will share it all.
The angle is a little wide on this. But look at those lashes. Ahhh.
Emmett is pulling him self up on everything. Working those little legs.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. At least that is what I hope. My writing is subpar, so I try to make it up with images.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A conversation

This is one of our typical conversations.
Setting: our bathroom
Time: This morning
N: Did you cut Wyatt's bangs?
W: Yes
N: What did I tell you about cutting his hair? (He wants it long because it is the only kid that has his coloring. Even though it isn't red...., it isn't brown)
W: I was trying to even it up
N: Looks like you are not done.

This makes be laugh even now. Nate is so fun
Oh I just remembered what he said about Oscar's haircut. I will put pictures later. I am trying to figure out how to do a long hair cut on him. I like his hair longer. Using scissors instead of clippers.
W: I cut Oscar's hair, what do you think?
N: Looks like you cut it with a sharp rock.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Light, ahhh Light

So I think about light all the time. What kind of light? What direction is it coming from. And I have been thinking there is something in using a reflector or diffuser. Went on line naturally and found some info. A quick reflector is a piece of white paper. Cool. So this is what I found. Here's my old ratty shoes that have seen better days. The first picture is with out the reflector and the second, with. It is slight, but sometimes that is all you need to light the face a little more.
Here is an example with Mitt. Unfortunatly the second picture with more light wasn't focused completely. Arggg. Anyway. It is funny but out of these two pictures I like the one on the left, but the experiment was a success. Paper Works.

The ones above are SOOC (Straight out of Camera) and this the one below has been tampered with. Altered, subjected to post production. Cute baby.