Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I couldn't resist

I just love these kids. They are so good and we have been having so much fun. I just wanted to capture this time. They are growing so so fast. I get teary and overwhelmed just thinking about how much is to come. The successes and setbacks, the joy and the sadness. We will share it all.
The angle is a little wide on this. But look at those lashes. Ahhh.
Emmett is pulling him self up on everything. Working those little legs.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. At least that is what I hope. My writing is subpar, so I try to make it up with images.


Alli said...

Such lovely pictures. Such adorable boys! But don't YY's bangs look a bit crooked. . . ha-ha.

megan said...

Nailed 'em...perfect. so naturaaaal.
p.s. noticed "the help" isn't on your reading sidebar :)

Katie said...

Whitny I LOVE these! Great lighting and love how detailed you can see your little man's freckles and the sparkly eyes. Nice work! What lens are you using these days?

Dandi said...

I love the close-ups especially. You have very handsome children.