Saturday, May 29, 2010

Burton Graduates

Oh our sweet little B. Getting so big. Heading off to big boy school
with his brothers. He had a great 2 years with Miss Stacy.
Thank you Miss Stacy for everything. Best preschool teacher we have ever had.

Tyler sat for a minute so I was able to get a cute shot of him.

Wesley. So cute.
Emmett didn't really have a choice to move around. He was the easiest.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I stole my sisters post (allison). Ha ha ha ha ha. I am so evil. Well . I can't write it out. I have a house to unpack. So here it is.
Today has been quite a day and even though it is late I had to write about it. I've been so impressed with my family today. My Grandmother, Phyllis, is pretty much an institution for me. She is just always there, unstoppable, completely loveable and she has this wonderful tendency to say the most shocking and surprising things. Well, she's had a hard day, it started out rough and it culminated in her falling on her way back from the dining room this evening and landing square on her face. My sister Lindsey got there to find that Uncle Phil had already arrived even though his youngest son was in the hospital after he cut his hand very badly this morning doing home repairs. Uncle Phil stoically came to the rescue of his dear mother while he received updates about Marc's impending surgery from my Aunt (it turned out he severed 5 tendons, one artery and a nerve - it is a life changing injury that will take at least a year to partially recover from, thankfully he was able to be given wonderful care by skilled doctors and his prognosis is much better than it should be considering how bad the injury was.)

Anyways, they took Grandma to the hospital to find that she had broken her nose and needed three stitches. I arrived at the hospital in time to see them numb her up and stitch her up. I used to think that I was fairly tough. I don't get woozy around blood, I can handle situations. But I've got to say, watching them stick a big needle in her gums to numb her up and then seeing them put the stitches in while she squirmed a bit and seemed so uncomfortable, and seeing her blood dripping down her face, I got woozy and I kind of wanted to punch that nice doctor lady in the face. Then as she was getting ready for bed after we got her home, she found yet another injury up under her bangs near her hair line where she'd bashed her head open in the fall that nobody had noticed (we hadn't wanted to mess up her hair, it really is very pretty). So we got that cleaned up and got her more settled and Uncle Phil went to be with Marc for when he woke up from surgery. And I stayed to help her get to bed. Rubbing her feet I noticed that I got her feet. Pretty soon I noticed blood start dripping down her face after it had filled up the bandaid she had on her nose. It was because of the blood thinners she is on to protect her from having yet another stroke, she has had at least three already. It hurt me to see her hurting and bleeding. She has been thru so much. She lost four baby brothers. She lost her dear Husband to cancer and has been alone for almost 25 years. She lost a dear son. And yet she is still happy and cheerful and so funny. She is a joy to be around even when her face is bashed in and she's had a terrible day.

I hope I got more from her than just her lovely feet.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moving day

We moved yesterday from our home of almost 4 years. We decided it was time. Ya I know at the bottom of the market. But we are hoping to find another home. So... a wash right?
Moving 8 people and furniture is daunting to say the least. It is just a matter of one foot in front of the other. Or one box after another.
We are in my parents house while they are on their mission. They are incredibly generous and we are so thankful for this wonderful house. Smaller, but we can make it work. The boys are kind of helping. Every once in a while they want to help, but usually it is repeated asking and begging that gets them motivated. Never screaming, not me.
We went to the store to get some necessities and I told Wesley we were going to find some snacks for the boys. He said, "Oh I want those bars that we have at Nana's, um Nudie bars!" Of course he didn't spell it. But I laughed the whole time through the store. It was so funny. Then I finally figured out he wanted Nutragrain bars. So I got em. Had to right?
The other entry for funniest moment yesterday was Tyler
Setting: Grandma and Grandpas house, evening before bed
Me: "Tyler, you need to take a shower." "Oh and there is no hot water yet."
Ty: indignant- "What, I have to take a cold shower?" Why doesn't this house have hot water?"
Me: "The hot water comes on Monday"
Ty: more indignant-- "There is only hot water on Mondays?"
I could bearly answer him, I was laughing so hard.
We did get a chance to go to the Temple dedication today. Our family is so grateful for the blessings of the temple. Wonderful experience to see our wonderful Prophet. We love Pres Monson. The meeting seemed very personal, different than Gen Conf.
We also found time to take a walk, so not a bad day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

So the festivities began on Friday and Muffins with Mom. The boys were excited to take me to school. We also got to show Burton where his class might be.

So if I am ever to get pictures of me and prove that I am in this family I will have to train up an apprentice. So Tyler snapped these for me. Thanks buddy
On Sunday Morning the boys brought me breakfast in bed. They were so excited to surprise me so I had to be sneaky and get makeup and clothes on. Thanks Nate for taking the pictures. It was fun to pretend waking up.

They gave me CHocolates! and A watch. and kisses and hugs and cards. Good boys.

I pretty much just laid in the grass and enjoyed the day and took pics. So fun.

The boys played with balls and rode bikes and what not. Burton decided to be brave and try to ride down a steep hill and bonked his nose. Sad.
I had Oscar throw this ball in the air a bunch of times and finally got one I liked. I changed the ball to Green it was pink. Not a boy color. I don't know where we got it.
This one is my favorite of the day. So cute. and Nate in the back. Nathan finally let me take some of him. He is usually too squirmy.

Ok this is cool. Mouse over these last ones. So fun.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emmett again

Sorry but he is just su derned cute....
Oh that little face. I could just kiss him all day.