Thursday, June 17, 2010

My babies

YY was playing on the slide which was situated on the grass. When all of a sudden... the sprinklers came on. Panic. Let me tell you. He had quite a time trying to get out of the sprinklers of DEATH. At least thats what you would think they were. But he lived. We are so grateful.
It is quite pleasant in the evenings right now. So we usually head out side to enjoy the weather and the light. Now that I look at these, they seem dark. Umm

So cute. Love these babies.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Photos

I wish I could take more pictures. But we are just so busy. These are about 2 weeks old as it is. But i need to do another post with Ty and Oscars Day camp stuff. So I gots to get it done.
This was at the Cowleys. Wesley discovered the Apricot Tree. I know the sequence is mixed up. I just did it fast and didn't want to fix it.
Emmett has discovered that he can at 11months, climb all over the play structure at the park near us. He thinks he is so big.
Oh my Tyler....
If I can get em I take em. Look at those eyes. So beautiful.
Burton was showing me his owie.
our improvised water feature in the back yard. Sprinkler under the tramp.
Mouse over this one. The editing is subtle but makes all the difference. Just did boost from Pioneer woman at about 30% and Sharpen From PW too. Then edge burn at 25%