Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

For Halloween we got to go to the Stratford to visit Gigi. She loves having the grandkids over and just laughs and laughs at all of the costumes. We love her so much and are so glad that we can go and visit her often. There is a throwback picture of Oscar and I in costume. Zebra. There is also a picture of mitt Romney and his lovely wife with Gigi. Then there is Nathan out with the little boys going trick-or-treating.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cruise part 3

When we got to Cozumel we decided that we wanted to go to one of the local beaches but it was a drive there so we had to hire a van. When we were talking with the tour guide he joked that he would get us a limousine. We just laughed it off. But then he showed up with the stretch limousine and we were just amazed. Look at the kids faces. We had such a good time riding in the limo. They even drove us back in the limo. The beach was absolutely beautiful the food was good the water was clear. The kids all had a blast. We got to snorkel and swim in the pool and even make FaceTime calls to family back home. Nathan and will really enjoyed doing the trivia on the boat. Hence the last picture to represent

Cruise part 2

One of our stops was Haiti. We had a wonderful time playing on the beach. We also got an excursion to do the inflatable's anchored in the bay. The boys had a blast climbing all over them. It was a lot of work and we were pretty tired after. They also got to ride on a little roller coaster and the picture of everyone standing around looking at the ground is the crab that pinched Wesley pretty hard. He was pretty upset about that. There was plenty of rockclimbing happening throughout the cruise. Last pictures are in Jamaica. After a bus ride we stopped and picked out some souvenirs. The last picture is of a big white man getting stuffed by the wave on the boat. It's a funny picture

Cruise with the Humphreys part 1

Our family got to take a wonderful cruise to the Eastern Caribbean with the Humphreys family. We went to Jamaica, Cozumel, and Haiti.  The consensus was that we love Cozumel the most. You'll see why. This blog post mainly has pictures on the boat. It was one of the biggest boats on the ocean at the time. There was a big movie screen at the back of the boat and the boys were watching Spiderman when I took those pictures.  Free donuts, free ice cream, swimming and surfing on the boat. And rock climbing and wonderful food.