Friday, October 29, 2010

Chasing the Garbage Truck

YY loves the garbage truck. We missed it on our street so we hopped on the bike and took off looking for it in the neighborhood. We looked and looked and just as we were going to give up, (well I was going to give up) we found it! In the Wiser, Schlerf neighborhood. So we followed it for 3 streets. Oooos and Aahhhs from the back seat. Mitt likes it too. On the last street we ended up being down wind. Well that's it for me. Yuck. But man it was a beautiful day nice ride and YY got his garbage truck fill for today. He is a one-track-mind kind of kid.
Notice we didn't even have time for pants. Not when the garbage truck in on the move.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 1st Halloween Party

Getting ready for the party means that all past costumes get pulled out and tried on. Emmett really wanted to be the dog. 16 months and he knows what he wants. Cute cute.
Ok so the makeup jobs are pretty awful. Getting 5 zombies ready for the party was fun but I am not good with the makeup. Oh well. Thank heaven they are supposed to look messed up. Brains for dinner. That's how you get that look.
I made all these zombie costumes. Took me about 20 minutes. Only YY and Wes ended up wearing them. They are not comfortable as you can imagine.
Emmett's 3rd costume. Little bat.
Here is the sunset at the Trunk or Treat. Wow.
The ward party was a complete success. Thanks to our primary, there was about 20 different soups and candy galore. What more can you ask for.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beach Bums

Shields Family Reunion time. We had a beautiful vacation with the Cowley's and Shields and Nana and Bumpa. The beach was cold but that didn't stop the kids.
It was over cast most of the time. Works for me. Everyone else was hoping for more sun.
Love this one of Nana and YY.
The house on the far right is the house we rented.
This was at the Wedge. It has crazy high waves. They weren't that high the day we went or the time of day. But there were plenty of surfer/skurfers. I don't have the lens to take pictures. To do it justice.
There is a wave in this one. But it is just different being there. Look at that shoreline. Those waves are powerful.
We had a relaxing week hanging out at the beach house. We went to a swap meet though. Got some hummus and a helicopter toy. Oh and I got a new purse. I needed one bad.