Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Christmas Card

Oh what to do with the Christmas card.  I traded family portraits with my friend Karen Pearce.  So I went and took their pictures and she was all itching to come and take ours. So I was trying to think of something.  And then one morning I woke up to find this on Pinterest.  And I had it.  I showed my phone to Nate and said, "This is what we are doing for our Christmas card this year."  He was Totally on board.  Now to find the sweaters.  It took me a while.  I searched at several thrift stores.  Finally found the winners.  
I just love everything about this picture.  The goat just adds so much.  So we used that in our picture too.  Not a goat.  Although I thought about finding one.  But we did have a large rodent on hand, so that did the trick nicely.
Other wise known as our Master Piece.  This was so much fun.
We did the studio set up with the black seemless paper and off camera flash.  I wanted to have 2 flashes but my extra trigger didn't come in time.  But I think it turned out ok.  Luckily I had a reflector too.  We told the boys that they were supposed to be kind of silly, but we didn't want to direct it too much.
When we try to do that it usually goes south. 
While we were shooting, my friend was just cracking up.  It was so fun.  We did it really quick.  Not much time with all the short attention spans.  Probably about 15 min

Tyler Got it.  Ha.  Great job.  He is so hilarious. 
This time Oscar's weird expressions were perfect.
Kind of cute if you can keep George Castansa out of your mind.  Ooops, sorry I ruined it for you.
The beloved. Oh ya and her name is Pandora. I like to call her Cucumber.
Of course after it was done we thought of a couple more awkward things that should have been in there. Like some guns, which are big now in pictures. Spare Tire, inappropriate tattoos.  Laser lights, disco ball.  What have you...  I found one where the mom and kids all had matching jammies standing in front of the Christmas tree and the dad is standing with them in a speedo, only.  Fantastic.  He was on the largish side and fury.
We wanted so more fun this season. And we wanted to share our awkwardness with all our friends and family.   

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Trumpeter

Ox had his first band concert. He is in 5th grade so it is his first year.  It was very exciting, partially because it was the first time we went to the high school that they will attend.  So they were excited to be on campus.  And they got to perform on a stage in an auditorium.  Well I was excited. 
Happy Oscar.
When I saw him walking with his friends like this, wow, he just looked so big and grown up.  Made me fast forward to when he would be in high school.  He is going to be so handsome.  Love that kid. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving day

    Beautiful day.  Cloudy day, but not chilly.  Hum, I wonder if it is going to rain.  Ehh don't worry about it.  Just enjoy.  The food was beautiful and fabulous and tasty. 

We had Shields, Cowleys, Fletchers, Williss'
Just look at that goodness.  We had the turkey smoked by a friend of ours.  
This makes me laugh.  Andre will hate it.  Ha
And yes it did rain big fat drops for about 3 min.  But that is enough to soak your food.
 So we were out of there.  
Bella, Ashlyn, and Hollyn
Nathan the story teller.  
Kim and Andre
We had a great day of eating and movies and kids playing and eating.  Thanks Cowleys for a wonderful day.  Happy Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fiesta before Thanksgiving

A great family tradition that we have is to have a Mexican Fiesta the night before Thanksgiving.  This has worked out to be a great idea, with all the many families trying to get together the next day.  We can usually make this Wednesday dinner happen.  We always have Chimichangas, jalepeno poppers, enchiladas, salsa, chips, And pictured above, Martinellis.  A must.
My new Nephew Lucas.  Getting some bubbly.
Picture of the soon to be Patterson family.  Well at the time they weren't married yet.  But they are now baby.  Yahoo.  It is so awesome to have Nunu living out here by us.  Sorry Alli, we had to take her,  don't spit at your computer screen.  It isn't attractive. 
Oh, Jujo and momma.  Looking at the pretty lights. 
My lovely grandmother,  she pretty much looks the same as she did 20 years ago.  What an amazing lady.  I hope I can be just like her when I grow up.
Watching Mitt throw things down from upstairs.  Stinker.  But it entertained the Aunts.
Sweet mommy
Love this picture of Doug.  Hilarious. Alex is the torturer in the picture
Brothers.  Yes Lucas actually asked for this treatment.
talking about rings.  Ahh
These 2.  Lala and Valerie (Catter).  I hope they are always friends. 
Family Photo
Hawker Girls, no longer Hawkers in name. But always in spirit.  Not pictured is my half brother, Steve and his 2 kids, Carrie and Kyle.  And Kim and her husband Larry and their 3 kids, Sydney, Taylor and Cody.
Pictured is (left to right) Lindsey and David (Uncle Daybed) and their 5 kids, Sam, Phil, Valerie, Zeke, Julia
Amanda and Doug with their 3 boys, Alex, Lucas, Oliver.
Allison and Ryan with 5, Jeff, Leah, Tessa, Alana, Peter.
Nate and I, 6 boys, Tyler, Oscar, Wesley, Burton, Wyatt, Emmett
And the parents in the middle of the fray.
Thanks Mom and Dad for being there for us.  We love you very much.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What a Turkey

Back row is our little B.  Makes it hard for pictures.  They sang a couple of songs and then they got to have a feast.  Pretty cute little 1st graders.
What a doll
I love this picture.  Just makes me smile.  
So Awesome to have grandma there.  Amanda came to but didn't make it in a picture.  Come to think, neither did I.  I really need to think about that.  

My favorite boy had a birthday.  Yep Nathan.  41 years old.  Happy birthday to my best friend.  Many many more to come.