Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New picture project

I have been dying to practice with my off camera flash/strobes.  So I planned and thought about it for about 6 months.  Ya I took too long.  I found the canvases at michaels forever ago and knew what I wanted to do but kept putting it off.  Any way, now it is done and I love them. Boys and pictures.  
The pictures are a solid 12x12 image not 3 or 4.  I edited and put them together in photoshop CS5.  It was really fun, I can't get enough of these boys lovely mugs. 
So I printed the images through WHCC and then I mod podged the imaged to the canvas.  I had to support the middle of the canvas by putting books inside the hole in the back and then putting a book on top so it would adhere evenly.  Then I spread a coat of mod podge over the front of each image. (By the way, I make my own mod podge, Water and Glue mixed together. Works like a charm) Then I painted the out side black and ta-da.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

Great group this year.  So fun.  Gardners couple and nephews. Websters. Daniels. Deatons. Wrights. Shields. Edwards. and single friends.  I don't like to name everyone.  Don't know if they want their names on here.  That's why Im not naming everyone. 
Lovely lovely.  Pano.   
The weather was perfect for me.  Clouds every once in a while.  And cool weather for the most part.  Not too hot.  September is the perfect time to go. 
Girls are silly.
So I rented 2 lenses for the trip.  A 50mm F/1.2 Oh my my my.  and 100mm F/2.8 Beautiful Lenses.  had so much fun.  

Playing games, all sorts.
Or just looking good all the time.  
Ya, that's us.  

My one night shot that I liked. 
Ya,  it was that beautiful. 
Bet you didn't think Nate could jump like that. 
Adorable Natalie. 
Just out catching some air.
This is why it is good to come with a large group. The boat was anchored securely and quickly.  About 45 min.  I can't imagine having to do that on our own with just our family. So much work.  Thanks Erin and Zack for all your hard work.  It is so fun to be out with these amazing people.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Business Time

At the end of August. Nathan and Will needed to meet with a consultant in Las Vegas and decided to take some arm candy.  Heather and I were all too willing.  The Humphreys are some of our most favorite peoples and we had a great time.
The view from our room at the Mirage
Walked out on the town.  Eating at Serendipity.  Pretty awesome.  We ate at Mile High Deli, I took a picture of the plates of pastrami but I erased it.  It still is making me ill thinking about it.  Way Way too much.  
We saw a magician, and the Beatles cirque du soleil.  Both were great shows.  We had amazing food.  Exception the Mile high.  Ugg. We hit an Asian Restaurant China Grill inside Mandalay Bay.  DElish.  We laughed alot and had a great time.   

It was fun being out on the town.  Vegas is a really cool town.  It is just ruined by all the porn and gambling.  
What? All this candy for us?  Got some candy for the kids.  They loved it of course. 

The business men.  Walking passed the black jack tables.  Ya I think they will do ok.  Heather and I went shopping while the boys had their meeting.  We were just there a couple days.  That was enough.  
Next time I go I would just like to stay at a resort off the strip.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sedona and Slide Rock

August 2012
My parents often go to relax in Beautiful Sedona. Cool weather and a hot tub.  Nice combo. 

It has been a long time since I have been to Slide Rock.  Like I said, the weather was nice but the water was so cold.  That doesn't bother boys. 
The cold water also doesn't bother Amanda.  She is a super fun aunt.  I am a boring old mom.  Ha.
Evidence.  I didn't jump off any cliffs. 
Very slippery rocks.  The kids loved it. 
A picture of the mom.  Yahoo.  
These pictures just make me smile.  Love these boys

Ok these pictures are hilarious.  First of all, Nathan guilted me into getting in.  He said "do you want your kids to think you don't know how to have fun?" Ugg.  Fine I will go.  I don't know how I turned out the way I did.  I want to have fun.  But getting into freezing water doesn't sound like fun any more.  So, I handed my camera to Nathan.  I am a big nerd and have back button focus on my camera.  So at the top of the slide I  am out of focus and get more in focus the closer I get to him.  Makes me chuckle.
Really fun.  Beautiful Day.  LOve Sedona.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hatch Reunion San Clemente CA

Nathan's family is really big and really fun.  They usually have a reunion every year.  The last couple times we have done it every other year because it is just too darn big.  There are 40 I think 1st cousins, that's 80, with spouses.  And they all had a bushel of kids each.  It is a tight family.  Always up for a party and to get together.   
Not really supposed to jump off the wall.  Oops
It makes me really happy to see the second gen cousins hanging out.  So cool.
This is about a 10th of all the 2nd cousins in the family.  There are so many I can't even count. 
Surfer dude.  
This one was so scared of the ocean earlier in the summer.  He could barely stand to be near it.  Or have his back to it.  Yikes.  What a chicken.  But now he is doing much better. 
Boys and throwing rocks.  Well this is the perfect venue for it. 
They have activities planned every day.  Always moving.  Crab Soccer.  Not for the faint of heart. 
Looking on is almost as much fun.
4th of July fire works on the beach.  Beautiful.  So fun to be with family
Sport day.  Ultimate Frisbee at a beautiful field in San Clemente.  
Beach pictures with the phone.