Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween is getting funner( is that a word). Although we miss our older boys. Because they had off with their friends. Notice the picture of odd children at the bottom. The picture of Emmett holding Daphne is pretty funny cause it looks like a baby doll. I made wigs for a Daphne and I so that we could be dolls together. We ended up at the trick-or-treat in the end and Oscar helped us pass out candy while I walked around with the little kids. It's always a nice evening. Spooky of course but nice

Yes Daphne had 2 wigs.  Mom made the other one

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fools Hollow Lake

We decided in September this year that we were going to rent a trailer and try camping with a trailer. We were excited to hear that her friends were going to go camping at the same time but they were brand-new friends and we didn't want to intrude on their camping trip. Kind of a long story but it ended up that the place they were going to go wasn't available in so they chose another place and let us know about it and we just happened to get a parking spot next to them. It was pretty serendipitous. So to Fools Hollow Lake we went to meet the Days and have fun with their family. Deborah and Chad have five kids. Two sets of twins. They were so much fun to hang out with and the Nickels came and met us as well and we went to their cabin to watch a football game. The weather was beautiful and we got to be outside. We really loved the camping grounds and need to go back there. Chad and Nathan took all the kids out on kayak rides.  The kids tried multiple times to fish off the dock but never caught anything. Oh well maybe next time.
BTW we did like the trailer but not hauling it.  It made Nate nervous.  
Video of the trip