Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preschool party

Party at Miss Stacy's today. They had a carnival. Candy, Costumes, the works. It was just a quick shot. Not everyone is looking but oh well. I posterized it to make them look like cartoons.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Flag Football Game

Tyler and Oscar are doing flag football and are on the same team. Phew. They are really enjoying it. Tyler got a touch down in the game and Oscar was the center.
I went to watch but I also went to practice taking action shots. Boys are fast, you see why I need to get proficient at this right?
They did win. And everyone was so excited. Go Cardinals.
I think I like football better than the other sports the boys have played.

Turkey Killin: not for the faint of heart

My Uncle Keith is quite the man of the earth. He has a big lot and has a garden and fowl. He offered our family a turkey from his flock. Kyle helped us catch it.

When I told the boys we would be killing a turkey they said ya. One said, "I am going to shoot it with a gun." Another said, "I'm gonna stab it with a knife!" I am thinking "Ok we will see" So when my uncle offered the knife to the boys and asked who was going to do it Oscar stepped up and said I am. He took the knife and we walked with the turkey to the execution. When we got there Oscar had walked in the other direction. No he didn't get lost he Turkeied out. So Uncle Keith did it for us. THanks
Uncle Keith made the executive decision to skin instead of pluck. Lots of work plucking.
Aunt Sandra helped with the babies.
Wesley ran over to show me the windpipe cut out.
Then we had popsicles in the shade. It was a beautiful day.

I wanted to practice action shots with the camera. So I had the boys jump in the hole. They were great.
There is the turkey. Alive and flapping 2 hours before this shot. Kind of weird. Probably not going to make a habit of this. But it was a good experience for the boys.

What the Heck?

I got a new calling this week. Stake Primary Secretary. This is what you say "Oh Whitny isn't that calling for more mature women?" I would answer that yes it is. and Now I AM a Mature woman. I HAVE AN AGE SPOT ON MY HAND> This has been more of a blow than any of the other signs of age. Oh my gosh this is weird. In my head I am about 21. I look at my kids sometimes and wonder when their mother is going to come and get them. Then I realize they are mine and I am very happy they are. They are just great kids. I am loving the challenge of helping them develop into responsible young men. Come on? Age spot at 33....
I took these while the boys were taking videos of them selves. Luckily for them they are their own critics.

Trying to get a good one of each of the boys for a picture wall in the house. This one might work for Oscar.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok one more time

I have reposted this 3 times today. I hope this is the last time. Ok Ya they are different for those who looked earlier today. These are some of my favorites. I love taking pictures. And now it is taking over. I think I actually slept pretty bad last night thinking about it. This is how I am. I get into a new thing and BAM. All I can think about. BTW yes the kids were all fed, bathed and taken care of today.

This one of Allison actually needs something done in Photoshop, I just can't decide what. I am still learning the program. So I can't figure out how I want it to look.
Emmett and his little shirt. Just so cute.
I just worked on this one. Like me it takes a lot of work to get it looking good. I didn't like this picture very much because my shirt was just too Yellow. and my wrinkles were just too Wrinkly. But now it is ok.
Oh Oh OH look at this boy. So handsom
Burtons turned out so good. Loving my new program. Photoshop Elements 6. I got the old version to save money.
A couple people have asked what camera I got. I got an old Canon Rebel XT and a 50mm lens. No Zoom come to find out. But I am managing. I am hoping to get a zoom lens, Oh I just thought of my Christmas Present.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing at the Park and Waking up

I am just playing with my new camera. I have much more to learn. It is pretty cool.
I always though that you couldn't shoot towards the sun. But I guess that isn't a hard and fast rule.
I can get action shots now!
I did a morning session with Wyatt and Emmett
Sweet YY

I like the mirror image on the table on this one.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I got a new camera. Canon Rebel xt with a 50 mm lens. And after about 500 pictures. These are the best ones of my family. We went to the Arizona Grand Hotel with my sisters and parents. We had a great time. I pretty much took pictures. Thanks to all my models. I won't bore you with the rest of the pictures. Just know that I am loving my camera. Fun fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beach House

We rented a house this week from VRBO. It is a great little house. We are really enjoying it. Short walk to the beach. Waves are good size perfect for the kids. Meaning they are big enough to knock them down. Ha ha.
The boys like to be "digged up" meaning buried in the sand.

Burton is not as into the water. I think it is because he is little and the waves knock him down. ( I know I thought that was an advantage) but they are just a little too big for him. He did have fun but that was that. He is now playing the Wii.
Emmett on the beach. Nothin like a nap on the beach. Too bad he won't remember it.
He fell a sleep on the couch too. He is feeling a little sick. We are hoping he is better for disneyland.