Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Emmett doesn't understand the paper yet.
Ok here is our video of the kids moments before Christmas. 

Family traditions states that the kids must be christmas-wrapping-paper-walled into their rooms.  They must stay in the room until the word is given.  "Go" and off they go.

YY was very excited to get his transformer guys.  Bumblebee and some thing else.  Ratchet i think.

Mouse over the one below
Hover for animation
This lego set is from Aunt Lindsey.  They love it, Rare thing in our house since I have outlawed any new purchases of Legos.  
We thought this Dr Dreadful thing would be fun but the candy it makes tastes awful.  Oh well.  Burton liked it. 
Trains for Mitt.  He was very happy.
A gun.  Yep we are there.  Air soft, not so bad. 
Yay a picture of me.  "Hardly ever happens you know"
Ok this was my favorite thing I got for Nate.  I was pretty excited about it.  I found a place online that puts text on golf balls.  I didn't care what kind. but nate says that I picked out good ones.  Hu.  Anyway.  I couldn't figure out what name to put on the balls and so I texted Nate's cuz Zack and he said Turd Ferguson. I laughed for about a month. Then I found out that it is his fantasy football name.  So I gave Zack way to much credit for being clever.  All the credit goes to Nate for using the name.  Love that SNL skit. Jeopardy with Norm McDonald and Will Ferrell.  
And there it is.  I still love it. 
I want him to wear this shirt more often.  
Trains and boys.
Ty got a new suit.  Lookin sharp buddy.!
Another one that I was so excited about.  Wesley has been collecting the 50 quarters for months.  He would give me $10 and tell me to get him quarters, he even sent me to the bank with $10 in quarters to get different ones.  Just so he could get the right ones.  He did it.  He got them all.  So I found this map online that has a place for each quarter.  He loved it.  I love that he has a place for his collection.  
3D puzzle for YY
Scooter for Mitt.  He loves it.  Cute cute kid.
Tyler and his new wheels.  
We had a great Christmas and a wonderful holiday.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas lights at the Temple and at home

There isn't much time to take pictures with all the kids trying to get lost and the chilly weather driving the father figure to move us quick.  So I don't have very much. But we took our 3d christmas glasses and it was fun to see the lights with reindeer, stars, snowflakes,  angels, and candy canes.
Thank you Oscar, at least he is consistent.  Black and white because I am kind of stubborn about the flash.  I know Lori, I need to practice with it.  
It's not great but a picture of the 2 of us.  
What it looks like thru the glasses.  So cool  Just don't drive with them.  Not safe. 
Bokeh.  Why do I love thee.?
Our Christmas tree, takes alot of abuse.  The babies love taking the ornaments off and throwing them back on again.  It gets old quick.  So the tree doesn't exactly have that polished look.  But it is ours.  I figure in a couple years I will be able to keep some ornaments on the tree.  
Makes me laugh. I guess I will leave it in this chronicle. 
My amazing sister Allison made all these little stockings for the boys last Christmas.  Thanks again Alli
Love the sparkle of the tree and the way it feels late at night when the kids are in bed.  Quiet and lovely.   

Visiting Santa at the ward breakfast

Santa was jolly and fat and it was good to see him. 
Surprised that I got pictures of Tyler and Oscar with Santa, but I was lucky that day.
I love this picture.  So sweet.  
The ward breakfast was wonderful.  We love our ward and this time of the year.  We are truly blessed.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Circle of Friends Field Trip

So as it says in the title.  Field trip to the farm.
Schnepf Farm.
Hay rides and train rides and running around.  The kids were so good and we all had a great time. 
Emmett prefered to sit in the front of the ride.  He is not shy at all.  Pretty cute.  Oh and look he's wearing socks.  That makes me feel pretty good. (good job mom)  Yes this little triumph is big for me.  Lately he has taken to removing all of his clothes and just hanging out.  It is quite a chore to keep him dressed.  
2 kids.
4 kids.  Ha.  They were so cute.  Not the goats.  I think they are pretty nasty. 
Some of the friends.  And Miss Stacy in the middle.  She is an angel on earth.  
So long from Schnepf farms.