Monday, December 5, 2011


So every year for Halloween the kids go to GG's Resort and Trick Or Treat with the residents.  Older but wiser generation loves this.  They are so excited to see the kids and there are lots of doors to knock on.  
Wesley wanted to do Snow White and the 7 dwarf zombies.  It didn't quite work.  Everyone was on board originally but it fell apart as we got closer to the event.  So sad.  I even got the Snow White dress.  No i didn't get a picture of me in it.  Sorry.  But Of course I looked like her. Dark hair, pasty white skin.  Yep that's me.
So Wes was the only on that looked like a Dwarf.  His shirt said, " I was a dwarf, til the Zombie got me"
I love this picture of our "Nerd"  Tessa.  
We love our GG.  Doesn't she look gorgeous!
YY doing his wink for me.  Captain America has been seen all over town, as well as batman, wolverine, and spiderman. The older boys are slightly appalled about the constant costume wearing. I try and remind them, that they all did this.  
Ox was a Sumo Wrestler.  He made his costume him self.  Proud mama, right here

Below is little Mitt, I mean Rock Guy.  He almost understood what was happening.  Kept wanting to stop and eat the candy right away.
The Halloween Clean Up Crew
Our friends do a haunted house every year.  It was very scary.  I didn't go in.  No thanks. But the boys went in multiple times.
Check out the spooky smoke over the neighborhood.  

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