Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hampton Court Palace

We went on the train to Hampton Court Palace.  It is where Henry the VIII lived with his 6 wives.  One at a time, most of the time.  Later William the III also lived there.  We learned alot.
The Gardens and grounds were just beautiful.King Henry even came and visited with us lowly peasants. 

More illegal Pics inside the Kings residence

In the Privy garden of William III.  This part of the Palace wasn't here when Henry was king.  Notice my far off look.
Now Nathan and I are King and Queen.  
The Garden was so amazing.  The Wisteria smelled heavenly.
We look a spin around the grounds by horse drawn carriage.  And then we were done.  It was a wonderful day.  Just perfect weather. 

Wicked in London

We arrived at the Victoria Station and right out side the doors was the theater for Wicked.  Yay.  We got there an hour before the show and got tickets.  40 pounds each.  Great seats on the floor near the stage right. 
Me and Elphie
Nathan and Glinda
We're all green, now we finally found the place were we belong.  
The set was just like Gammage but London.  And they all had accents when they did the speaking parts.  Really cute.
Loved it loved it.  We are hoping to see Lion King or something while we are here.  

Windsor Castle

Tuesday we were up at the crack of 9:00 to get on the train to Windsor Castle. We didn't make it there til the 11:30 train. Takes us a while. These are the trains in England. They are so simple and clean. Getting around is so easy. We are just loving every min. We are the wide eyed lookey loos on all the buses and trains. Subway there isn't much to see.

When we got off the train to Windsor there is this wonderful road that follows the wall of the castle. There are shops and restaurants and a full out door shopping mall. It is charming to say the least.
Windsor Castle. The Queen was there as you can see by the flag flying in the round tower. We didn't see her. Weird. The castle is just massive.

I love taking illegal pictures. Haven't been caught yet. Maybe when I do get caught, Nate can take a picture with some one elses camera, of me in the stocks. This is St. Georges Hall, where the queen does her grand scale entertaining. 160 people are seated at table her to eat. It is really cool.
St Georges Chapel. This is the pipes for the organ. Wow. It was pretty impressive. I think that is what they were going for.

This guy freaked me out. I could seriously get no closer to him. It was like standing next to a corpse. It was spooky or something. I can't describe how it felt. He was more of a cardboard cut out than a person. Then he moved to march around. yikes.Cute little shops right out side the exit for the castle. We got some stuff for the boys.
Then we searched for food. We found a little sandwich shop. There are lots of sandwich shops everywhere.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A walk in the park

A walk down the street from Nana and Bumpa's is a park called Ruskin Park. On the way there we got to see some great old houses.
The park was so pretty with the sun going down and grey skies make everything so much greener.
This walk way was right out of a book. Just gorgeous. I don't know what kind of trees these are. I want to figure it out though.
This tree was huge. It was amazing. We physically loved the tree. It loved us too.
Nathan was trying to climb it.
Big Hug
I wanted to get under this tree. Like a big umbrella. It was totally open inside. The boys would have loved it.
They had all these flowers that I have never seen before. Granted I don't know very many flowers. They were so pretty.

This is Nathan running through the park. I wanted him to run all over and I was going to splice it together and speed it up. Like a proper brit comedy. But he only would do this one. I will get him yet. I guess it would be funnier if I was the one running.

Next posting from London

Thames River.  On the Waterloo Bridge.  We drove over on a double decker bus.  Top front row.  Best seats. 
Then we went to the British Museum.  I thought it was going to be a history of Britain.  But it was relics stolen or preserved by the UK for all these other countries.  How nice.  Nana gave up about 2 rooms in.  I gave up a little while later.  But I did enjoy the Greek statues and friezes.  Very cool. 
Nathan read every thing.  So now he is a know-it-all about the Parthenon and stuff like that. 
I liked these.  The figures in flowing robes.  So cool
Then we went to Westminster Abby.  It was amazing.  Way over the top decor.  They buried anyone with enough money or influence in there.  I took several pictures illegally.  You weren't supposed to take picts.  But I am a rebel.
Charles Dickens had a Block on the floor in the poets corner.  It was really cool.  He isn't buried there.  Love him.  Wish I could go to the Charles Dickens Museum.  But I am the only on who wants to go.  I would have to drag Nate there.  Don't know if I can make that happen. 
This is the courtyard in the Abby.   So pretty and it was a rainy day.  Awesome.
The entrance to Westminster.  Very pretty.
Big Ben in the distance.  

Sunday, April 26, 2009

London in April

We made it and we found our bags without trouble.  Got tube passes and got as close as we could and then took a taxi to the hotel.  Yay.  We were very proud of our selves.  The London transportation system is very good and we are getting around easily.  We went to an italian place by Hyde park last night.  It was really good.  Saw the Marble Arch right before it got dark.  Nana and Bumpa like to ride the buses so we have a merry little battle between us.  The tube is better, no the buses are better.  Jk we are getting along great.  It is soo good to see them.  we went to their ward today and there are so many different cultures and the accents are hard to understand some times.  But the people were wonderful. It was delightful.  Then we went and had some chinese food.  Now we are cold chill kickin it in the flat .  Feet up finally.  and finally on the internet again.  Don't know what we are doing tomorrow.  But it will be fun what ever it is.  
I am loving the buildings and the trees and the parks are so pretty.  The weather has been unseasonably nice.  Every one is a little shocked that it isn't rainy and miserable.  We tell people that we brought the weather with us.  Your welcome!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter my babies.  I wrote a note to the easter bunny.  "Can you come while we are at church?  We have to get out the door early and don't have time to look for your wonderful treats and toys.  We will be back by 11:15AM"   The Easter Bunny complied.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whoops a Daisy

Burton was riding the scooter in the house.  Having a great time.  I kept trying to think of why it was a bad idea.  I kept thinking,  "he is going to crash into one of my walls."  He was pretending to fall off when he got to the carpet.  Nice soft landing.  I walked by and he tried to turn and say something to me and fell.  The scooter handle end went into his face and bam.  What you see below is the result.  Really it could have happened out side too.  He is just such a silly kid.  No stitches.  Some new skin and band-aide.  The Dr said it was approximated enough.   I am going to go on line and try to buy stock in medical glue.