Saturday, March 21, 2009


The boys love to push each other around on this. They are so careful with Wyatt and make sure they don't crash with him or run into him. They are such good brothers.
For my Birthday
This is my cake that I ordered from Roberts Catering in Chandler. I wanted the smallest one they had but it turned out pretty big. So I am passing it out to people. IT is amazing. So so so yummy.

It is chocolate cake of course. It is filled with chocolate mousse and walnuts and caramel. The butter cream is too much for me. But I will take the rest of it. Soo good.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything Ship Shape

I am finally getting to the posting of the cruise pics.  
We had so much fun.  There was so much to do and the weather was perfect.  
We got a lot of looks.  Walking around with our little ducks trailing after.  They were really good and loved the activities on the boat.  
The first thing we did when we dropped our stuff in the room was golf.
Then we swam.  And Swam.  And yes Nate is really that white.  And no he didn't get a tan on the cruise.  We don't do that in the Shields family.  
Pool side with ice cream.  
Sweet boys.  Tyler and Wesley
Rock wall on the boat. 
The tender to Cabo San Lucas.  They thought that was fun.
Then we got off the boat and the locals start shoving iguanas in our faces.  Tyler you will notice is absent from the photos.  He skedaddled.
Burton, Wesley and Barack
Nathan negotiated with the taxi driver to get us to a resort in town.  Then he led us to a water taxi.  What?  So cool.  We had to disembark by jumping off the front of the little boat on to the beach.  Like we were navy seals. 

Tyler playing at the ocean.  Before we got there he said he didn't want to go to the beach.  Ended up not being able to get him away from the beach.  
Burton loved being buried by his daddy.  They call it being "digged up"
This was in Mazatlan.  Great restaurant on the beach called Panchos.  There was this drum group and they had dancers.  Very entertaining.  
Nate and I at Pancho's
One of the days on the boat they had a pirate show parade on one of the decks.  They got to dress up and one of the leaders would shout pirate orders at them.  It was so cute. 

These two looked confused most of the time
Nuevo Vallarta.  We took a long taxi ride to NV.  It is about 20 min from Puerto Vallarta.  We own a time share and we were able to visit this resort and the one in Cabo.  Beautiful beach.  

This is what we saw when we got off the boat in PV
Nathan and I taking a midnight stroll on the deck of the ship.
Nathan took Wes and Burton ice skating on the boat.  They were shocked that they couldn't do it the first time they tried.  
Big brothers are a pain.  Dinner in the dining room.  We ate there as much as possible.  The kids didn't like the pace of dinner.  But we liked the food.  So guess who won.  
Oscar and Wesley ate escargot one night.  We were so proud.  I didn't mention that I don't like em. 
Oh Wesley got that medal for telling a joke.  "Why can't the elephant play the guitar"
"Because he's way too fat"  he made it up him self and it got a very good response. 
So now we are back and the laundry is done.  Thank heaven.  We got the house cleaned and my birthday done yesterday.  Very nice week.  Thank you boys for being good to us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't look back

So we went on a cruise this last week and I made a  disturbing discovery.  In our state room there are mirrors that allow you to see what you look like from the back.  I have obviously not seen this part of myself for years.  Augh.  I didn't think I looked like that.  I am not saying that I am fat.  Just didn't think it had gone down hill that bad.  I have birthin babies hips and well other things that I would like to change.  It is funny how you think you look one way and then all of a sudden that is dashed and you get a glimpse of what you really look like.  That was the worst part of the cruise.  Everything else was as it seemed.