Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't look back

So we went on a cruise this last week and I made a  disturbing discovery.  In our state room there are mirrors that allow you to see what you look like from the back.  I have obviously not seen this part of myself for years.  Augh.  I didn't think I looked like that.  I am not saying that I am fat.  Just didn't think it had gone down hill that bad.  I have birthin babies hips and well other things that I would like to change.  It is funny how you think you look one way and then all of a sudden that is dashed and you get a glimpse of what you really look like.  That was the worst part of the cruise.  Everything else was as it seemed.  


kvhawker said...

Never fear! It is a temporary condition and after he is born you will return to normal, after all, you have done it before!

The Saunders Family said...

Yes, Whitny. That is one of the things I envy about you and Alli. You have this uncanny ability to be cute and slim right after you deliver. How was the cruise though? Was this a birthday celebration?