Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outing in Payson. Beautiful

Allison gets these ideas in her head. Let's liken them to a bee in her bonnet. "Let's go to the woods and take a 5 mile hike. Jeff needs it for cub scouts." Ok. Im game. I wasn't too sure about the 5 mile hike but I knew I could always take the weak ones and quit early. Grandpa decided to be the protector on our outing and we were grateful. Those bears were vicious, VICIOUS!. Thanks Grandpa. You are the best.
Big rocks to climb and sticks to throw. We had sandwiches, Cheetos, and gatorade for lunch. It rained a tiny bit and was so pretty.
Everyone took turns walking across this cool log.

Oscar and his defiance. You will not get a good picture of me. I'll make sure of it.
Alli and her little bird. Peter couldn't figure out how to bite the end of the camelback and then suck the water out so Alli spit in his mouth. Yes folks. The picture is prettier than the act.

A walk in the woods did us some good. Thanks Alli for getting us out of the house.