Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Emmett's first day of Preschool

This little boy likes to dress himself. It often involves boots whether they match or not. And I usually have to ask him to take off his costume before he goes to school. He complies. All the boys did that with the costumes and I love that stage. It's hard being a little kid in a house full of big boys though. The boys tend to tease him about it and I have to try and protect him and his youth as much as possible. What a darling little boy.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

St. Johns for the 4th

When Doug started working in St. John's he lived with his grandmother at first her name is Ruth Patterson. She is a lovely woman. We went and stayed at her house with her. The kids slept outside in tents and we had a wonderful time during Fourth of July in St. John's. They know how to do it right. They had a wonderful presentation and a movie and fireworks. It was really fun to have that small town feel. In the morning we got to go to a citywide breakfast and it was really fun. We saw some friends from the valley as well. Herrings. They have lots of family up there as well. I love these pictures because the cousins are all together and they're so young and libations. It is a wonderful sight to see and I got to take some pictures of the kids with absolutely beautiful light.