Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

I love these precious memories of Christmas.  Nathan and I love giving presents to our boys. All the wrapping of the presents.  Well Nathan doesn't love the wrapping.  I like it.  
What a crew we have.  Look at all those boys.  I still look at them in wonder.  They are all so different and special.  
I would list the presents and if they liked them but that isn't really important.  They were all happy. They had a great morning and we had a wonderful Christmas.  
Burton did like his Elf tshirt.  He has since worn this plenty. 
Emmett Just loves all things little boys usually love.  Swords, hero guys.  We have gone through so many hero guys.  Thank heaven for thrift stores.  
It wasn't a mortal wound thank heaven.  
Merry Christmas to all of our family.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Every year we get together with the Livingstones for New Years.  We are so lucky to be linked to this wonderful crew.  
Aunt Amanda had a bunch of games for the kids to play.
Grandpa was way into the trek fever by this time.  They were assigned by their ward to be the leaders for the youth trek happening in March.  He went to all the meetings leading up to the trek in full regalia.  Definitely looked like a pioneer. 
Lindsey makes pj pants for everyone in the family.  You never know what you are going to get.  We all put them on as soon as we get them.  Pretty funny to see everyone in matching pjs at the party. Yes I realize that Amanda and Doug don't match.  There were 2 fabrics this year.  You either got the patterned or the orange.  
Little baby Jujo.  What a little dolly.  
I wonder what Zeke saw.  This is just hilarious to me.  It is pretty chaotic.  But the great thing about the nativity with the Livingstones is the singing.  We sing about 8 songs complete with spontaneous SATB.  All of the adults and lots of the kids can really sing.  It is so fun.  I love singing with great singers.  I don't always get to sing tho because I am taking video or pictures the whole time.  I have to.  What if I would have missed this face.   

Or this face.  What a darling boy.  Love this Wyatt. 
Luckily we have enough kids for the full cast of characters and then some.  Sam is usually our angel.  Being tall with long golden hair, type casting.  
Some of the actors can really get into it.  Wes presenting the gifts to the baby Jesus.
Love our family, Love the holidays

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Burton's 8th Birthday

Video Game party.  Does that ever get old.  No way.  
We borrow video consoles, Tvs and games from friends.  Then we set up video game Mecca in the living room.  
Batman and Bane birthday cake.  
Ya, he's pretty rugged.  Love this picture with his new bike.  He's pretty funny.  I am glad that Burton is still young at heart.  He still spends time with Wyatt and Emmett.  He will play with them out all the time.  They have good times together.  
Burton loves his friends.  Every every day he is asking me to contact his friends so they can play.  Nate and I made all these kids so they would always have a friend.  But it just isn't enough is it.?  Ha. 
Happy Birthday to our 8 year old boy.