Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wyatt's birthday

Leap Year.  It is a very exciting year for Wyatt.  His 1st birthday. We had a party at the park with a bunch of little rug rats.  
Froggy cup cakes and lilly pads.  To represent the leaping.  
He got a bike helmet, 3 new costumes.  He just loves the muscles.  Wyatt can be seen wearing costumes probably 80% of the time.  The only rules are: not at school or church.  
Thor with willing victim.
Bumpa?, ah that's where he gets it from...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012

Looks triumphant doesn't he?
We had a great time.  The boys were all great sports about winning and losing. 
 So hard to lose. 
Nathan even got to race.  He was dead last.  Can you believe that?

Isn't that cute.  His dad does something similar when he is focused.  
Here is Wesley winning one of the heats.  Oh how they celebrated.  

But in the end it was him and his car in the middle of the pack.  Oh well.  It was lots of fun.  His design was a butterfinger.  Turned out really great looking, not so much on the fast side.
He received the "Sweetest" award.  Awe

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wesley's birthday

Oops this one was before Wyatt's party.  Feb 15th Wesley turned 9.  He is a sweet brother and we are glad to have him.  He wanted Finn and Jake decorations.  
Happy birthday our sweet Wesley, Happy birthday to you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Of course the idea was from pinterest.  Pretty fun.  I used to have pictures on my phone of the final product but I guess I erased them.  Oh well.  You get the idea.  Dum Dum sucker inserted into the outstretched fist.  
We had to do them quick and so I didn't get to take them to some wonderful place with a nice background.  Front yard.  Yay (unenthusiastic) 
The boys all liked the result and passed them out.  I guess they weren't too cheesy.  Although I doubt I will be able to convince Tyler to do it this year.  He's now in Jr High. What do they do in Jr High for Valentines anyway.  I have a couple things to learn.  New experiences on every horizon. 

Oscar as usual doesn't make it easy to get a picture.  Love him anyway. He is a great kid.  
My babies are all so sweet.  Little Valentines. 
Below is Nate and I at our 1st Valentines after we were married.  So 1998.  Long ago.  

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gilbert Temple

This is the time for pictures I realized this week.  They are going to have the exterior of the temple finished by May and then it will all be the same until it opens.  Oh I guess they will have landscaping change.  But no more inside looks until Oct 2013.  So I will take pictures in the months to come.  I love HDR for this.  I can take the picture in broad daylight and still get lots of detail.  This is the back of the temple the South facing part of the building.
This is the front of the building. 

Wesley is brave

I dye my hair.  Not ashamed to say it.  So when I last did it I had some left over.  I hated to pour it down the sink.  I can't waste PG (perfectly good) hair dye.  I went to the top of the stairs and called down to the boys individually and asked if they wanted their hair dyed.  Oscar said no.  Burton said no.  Tyler said no.  I know better than dying yy or Mitter's hair.  First of all they would get it all over and then I would have Nathan mad at me.  He says they are the only boys with his coloring.  Even though they aren't red heads.  Blonde is not brown like me.  ha.  So I asked Wesley.  "Please Wes, let me do it."  He said ok.  I think this was out of pity.  He is a tender boy.  So up he came and in no time at all the deed was done.  Yay.  Now Nate really does have one with some red.  Ok it isn't his color red.  Yes that is how his hair looked until he was about 35.
I asked Wes out side so I could get some pictures and Tyler chased him around the yard.  
goof balls
Thanks for playing along Wesley.  He went to church the next day with a cover story.  If any one didn't recognize him he said that he was Barney our cousin from out of town.