Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New picture project

I have been dying to practice with my off camera flash/strobes.  So I planned and thought about it for about 6 months.  Ya I took too long.  I found the canvases at michaels forever ago and knew what I wanted to do but kept putting it off.  Any way, now it is done and I love them. Boys and pictures.  
The pictures are a solid 12x12 image not 3 or 4.  I edited and put them together in photoshop CS5.  It was really fun, I can't get enough of these boys lovely mugs. 
So I printed the images through WHCC and then I mod podged the imaged to the canvas.  I had to support the middle of the canvas by putting books inside the hole in the back and then putting a book on top so it would adhere evenly.  Then I spread a coat of mod podge over the front of each image. (By the way, I make my own mod podge, Water and Glue mixed together. Works like a charm) Then I painted the out side black and ta-da.

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Audrey said...

Your boys are charmers! I love to see your ever growing talent Whit! Rick & I will be in town for his brother's wedding December 12th. Do you think you could snap some pics of the two of us? Or, at the very least, can we go out for dinner that week?