Friday, April 30, 2010

The babies and I, Me and the babies

Which is the right way to say it?
I had the time to do some pics because the older 4 boys went with dad on the Father and Sons campout.
Anyway. I went out with the babies and the light was so perfect, I couldn't resist.
I do have a hard time getting them to look at me. I think since they can't see my face behind the camera they don't look my way. Maybe I need a little toy or rattle....
Any way, Emmett is just a delightful child. Chubby and cute and lovable.
Wyatt learned how to jump on the trampoline this week. So he can play with the big boys now. Sweet kid. Although he is also trying his hand at torturing younger brothers. He likes to walk by Emmett and knock him down. Oh Brothers.!I also went a little nuts with the overlaying of textures.

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megan said...

love the skateboard image! and the knocking down :) we just lay right on top of babies around here :)
hang a spiderman from your lens...or stick a rack car where the flash goes :)or a squeaky dog toy...kinda walmart-ish but it works!