Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2011 Spring season

What a busy spring. Baseball, sure. Flag football, sure. Karate, Sure, Why not. Lets just pile it on. Yes I know it will only get busier. We did it though. Made it to almost every practice and game. The boys loved their sports and had a good time. Oscar just got his yellow belt.
Can you believe how grown up he looks. Going to be 12 next month. Ridiculous.
The boys, playing with the moon after Tyler's game. Oh. I found this wonderful computer app Stellarium it is for tracking the moon and stars. Real time. It can go forward and backwards in time fast or slow. You can chose your position on the globe and it will show you where the moon and stars are. It is really fascinating.

Some day we will time it right so it is bigger and at the horizon.


Amanda said...

Wow! love the pictures, love the kids. They are getting SO big. Tyler looks so much like you. The moon shots are so much fun!

megan said...

AWESOME!! love it! my favorite is the eating one :)