Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pure Joy

I wish I could fly. I guess it has been passed down to my son. Well all the kids like to jump of course. But YY gave me so many opportunities to shoot him in midair yesterday.
I captured these joyous moments with the help of my off camera flash. It was set up on the left side of the images and there was natural light from the window on the other side. You can see the flash on the wall, shadow from the umbrella.
YY is a darling boy. Always looking for fun or candy. Lately mac and cheese.

Note to self: clean kid's face before shoot. So much easier than photoshopping it.


kvhawker said...

Fabulous! You are going to have quite a following! Darling boy, great pictures!

megan said...

ahh!! love the fresh white!! it was like an advertisement for clean children :) love seeing what you come up with! and HANA is in Maui :)