Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oscar's 8th

Present time.
Cake time
Brad and Oscar's birthday on the 1st of Nov.
We had cotton candy, and rockets.  Mindi, Brad's mom had this wonderful activity for the boys.  We had the little plastic film cans and they would put a small amount of water in them, then you put in a 1/4 of an alka seltzer and put the lid on fast.  Then you put it upside down on the ground and it will shoot up into the air.  Just fantastic.  They played at that for about an hour.
The pokemon cake for the pokemon party.


Alli said...

How fun! I love the rocket idea, maybe we can do that for GG's party, it would cause a ruckus which is just what you need in a care facility :)

tessa said...

Pretty cute. I see a few of these boyish themed parties in my future. I think I'll need to call you, the expert.