Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping with Cousins

Headed up to Prescott and drove around a bit looking for a place to camp. It was about 2 hours, I am ashamed to say but it was just Alli and I and a bunch of anxious kids. The husbands were thankfully bringing up the rear later in the evening. So there was less stress. Just Alli and I bouncing around in the wilderness (oh and the kids) looking for just the right spot, (for one night). Finally landed somewhere near the Potato Patch.
It was a little warmer than I like to camp, But that means, warm nights. So that's good. Tyler got some new guns and had an itchy trigger finger for his birthday. We already had 2 bbguns, now we have 2 other ones. A 22 rifle and another 22 that can convert into a 12 gage shot gun. I know this well because I was sent to Walmart to buy the bullets.
Everybody got a turn on the bbguns. The older boys got to man the 22's.

If you look close you can see the cartridge flying in front of Oscar's face.

Uncle Ryan, the crack shot.

All the boys love climbing the trees.

Portrait of a happy young man. Not a boy anymore.
Wyatt had many offerings for the fire.

This last picture was cool. I set up the camera and then as it was taking the slow shutter image, Tyler and all the kids walked right past the camera carrying a flash light. This is the result. Pretty cool.

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Audrey said...

I love that starry night photo!