Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I have been reading in my book and there was a section about a cool technique, tracking a moving object. The camera shutter can’t be any faster than 1/60. You can see the pavement flying by. Pretty cool.

I have also been playing with editing. Finally finding my burn tool, quickly become a fave, I took this picture.

F1.8 and 1/4000. Thank heaven it was a cloudy day.

I adjusted the light and burned the edges.

Looks pretty cool man.

Burton gets sick of me taking the pics all the time. Just shows to go ya, anyone can take pictures. It has to be the camera. Good job B.


The Wiser Side said...

so we have to talk cameras. I wish I could get the focal point and such to stick-probably all that physics and my brain just shuts off half the time. Great pics!

Kellie said...

I totally want to know your photography info source, or I can pick your brain, and your editing software. We have the canon rebel t1i and I totally need to know more about it. That riding pic is great!