Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before and After

Still educating my self. I got some photography magazines. Learning photoshop stuff. My new lens lets me take pictures with me in them. I had to use my shutter release today. The light was low in the living room. Shutter 1/8 1.8F for the aperture on this pic.

I have been shooting in RAW too. So I have even more ways to manipulate. Cool. I opened these in RAW and did my crops and vignettes and minor adjustments. Then on to photoshop, used my selection tool and selected the kid/kid and me and then blacked out the background. On the one with just Mitt I didn’t black it all out. Then I made it black and white and then I used one of my cool actions called Super Happy Fun. Brought down the opacity and yay. I really like them.

F/4.5 Shutter 1/8


Audrey said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see YOU in the pictures too. I have so much to learn about my new camera. I wish you could give me a tutorial.

Amanda said...

I looked at these yesterday and literally woke up this morning realizing you had bangs in the picture! Where did those come from? Do you like them?