Monday, July 11, 2011

Frame series

I love seeing what other photographers are doing. I was on Instagram (iphone App) and one of the IGer's had these really cool pictures and I was inspired. Amanda, Alli and I headed to the beach for some nice scenery and started snapping. I took 2 pictures, one with the person and a frame (it had a cheesy beachy picture in it), and one with out. So I just put the pictures one on top of the other in photoshop and then brush away the picture out of the frame and blammo. See right through me.
Yes I can see how this might be a sad message if you look too deep. Like Oh look there isn't anything on the inside. Or Oh ya I can see right thru you. But really, it is just a fun effect. Alli's turned out awesome.
Check out Nunu. Love this one. It was the first one. Man it is so much easier to shoot adults. Kids just don't sit still.
Here we are. Missed Lindsey, they were going to head out to vacation with us but had a car accident. Everyone is fine. But we sure missed them.
I put a water mark on this one. Still trying to decide on a name for my photography. No I am not going into business. Just a dream for the future.

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Anonymous said...

Those are so neat! I love it.