Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A better sky

This picture of Tyler is mediocre. I wanted to do something to it to make it better. Or die trying. The image below has already been brightened and increased the exposure in RAW.
Then I took it into photoshop.

Remember the pictures in the desert. Love those clouds. So I replaced the clouds with the coolest tool. It is called the background eraser. Cloud picture on the bottom and the Tyler picture on the top. Choose the Background eraser tool and just click. It took away all of the white grey sky and revealed the beautiful blue. It did a great job around the branches of the trees too.
Then I added noise. Which I have never done to a picture before. But I see it on websites and it is an interesting look. Seventies action at 60% opacity. I think it is a huge improvement. Isn't ready for a wall portrait or anything. Like I have said before, still working on the photography part of this.

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kentandnellie said...

That is so cool. I need to learn how to do that. Time for me to start playing around in Photoshop!